TES In Depth: Belgium’s Hooverphonic with ‘The Wrong Place’

TES In Depth: Belgium’s Hooverphonic with ‘The Wrong Place’

Over the course of the weekend we will round up our Eurovision Semi Final One reviews. Today we look at Belgium, who will be represented by Hooverphonic, with the song ‘The Wrong Place’. If you want to hear our more detailed review of the song, take a listen to the video below:

A little look back into Hooverphonic’s career!

Hooverphonic already have been a band for over 25 years. The group has seen numerous line up changes in that time, have 6 different vocalists. Geike Arnaert being the longest serving first between 1997 and 2008. Geike then returned to the group in 2020 and will be their vocalist for Eurovision 2021. Hooverphonic have had a string of hits over the years their most successful being ‘Mad About You’ which charted in 5 different countries back in 2000. Hooverphonic were originally meant to represent Belgium in 2020 with the song ‘Release Me’. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic Hooverphonic could not compete in 2020 so are back this year with the song ‘The Wrong Place’.

Our takes on Hooverphonic’s ‘The Wrong Place’


Opinion: I feel ‘The Wrong place’ could really end up surprising at Eurovision. Geike is a phenomenal vocalist, this song is haunting and interesting. I feel juries and televoters will take to this song more than fans think. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a jury top 5 in the final coma May, if Belgium nail the staging. In a strong year there are other songs more to my personal taste, however that doesn’t take away from the fact I think this will do very well.

Overall Ranking: 18th

Predication: 3rd-8th in the semi, 5th-12th in the final.


Opinion: Sometimes, there is just one song among the line-up that you just immediately click with – whether it’s the music, the lyrics, the melody, the genre etc. This is that song for me. From the moment I woke up at about 6a.m. to hear it, I was in love. The lick from the guitars is so strong, Geike’s vocal delivery is astonishing and it just oozes that dark vibes that ‘Release Me’ fought so hard to have. This is easily going to qualify with the juries, but I do wonder if televoters would catch onto this as easily. Perhaps if they have the severed head on stage, that would get them over the mark?

Overall Ranking: 2nd

Prediction: 5th-9th in the semi-final. 10th-14th in the final.


Opinion: I can see The Wrong Place going two ways at Eurovision – absolutely captivating the viewers and juries during the semi-final and sailing through to the final, or getting completely lost amongst the rest of the entries in semi-final one. I am very much hoping it’ll be the former. This song hooked me from the first time I saw the music video, and it’s only continued to grow on me since. It’s deeply haunting, atmospheric, and showcases Geike’s stunning voice – and now we’ve seen her perform it live as well and know it translates just as well to a performance! I love the lyrics, and how it’s such a fun but mature take on the ‘one night stand’ story, and I hope others are just as enchanted as I am by this song.

Overall Ranking: 8th

Prediction: Either 3rd-7th or 11th-14th in the semi-final; 6th-12th place in the final if it qualifies.

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Photo Credit: Zeb Daemen

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