TES In Depth: Ukraine’s GO_A with ‘Shum’

TES In Depth: Ukraine’s GO_A with ‘Shum’

We have reached our penultimate song in the first Semi Final of Eurovision 2021. Ukraine will be represented by Go_A and they will sing the song ‘Shum’. Of you want our analysis if the song take a watch of the video below:

A Look into Go_A’s career so far.

Go_A were formed in 2012 when they released their first single ‘Koliada’. The band won Best Track In Ukraine 2015 with their song ‘Vesnianka’. In 2020 they won the Ukrainian national final Vidbir with their song ‘Solovey’ however due to the cancellation of Eurovision 2020 they have had to wait until this year to represent their country. This year Go_A’s song is called ‘Shum’ and it was selected by a panel of Ukrainian jurors.

Our take on Go_A’s ‘Shum’


Opinion: This is an extremely fun track. I love the way it builds into this massive rave at the end. I’ve seen people say they are not sure if people at home or the jurors will get this. I have to say it would be a crime if this song missed out on the final. This song is unique and not something we have seen at Eurovision before, this has to make the final.

Overall Ranking: 11th

Prediction: 9th-12th in the semi. 16th-13th in the final.


Opinion: This song was officially selected for Eurovision on my birthday, so I will always have some affinity with this track. I am in love with the blending of modern and traditional elements – personally, this song blends the two styles better than Solovey did last year! The hook is infectious and the melody is consistently repeated so that even if you don’t speak Ukrainian, you can still sing along. Kateryna’s vocals as well are incredibly unique and given how house and techno are the “in” genre now, it should be eaten up by televoters. Perhaps juries could see this as being too “out there” for Eurovision, but if they have their ear to the ground, they should know this will do well.

Overall Ranking: 3rd

Prediction: 4th-9th in the semi-final. 8th-14th in the final.


Opinion: Without wishing to be lazy, I feel my thoughts about Shum are most accurately surmised in something I mentioned in the video review above: when 200 million people tune into Eurovision across the world in May for the grand final, this is the sort of music I want them to hear. Shum is truly something magical for me, and unlike anything I’ve ever encountered before (except, well, Solovey). The build of music is wonderful, I love the folk influences, the white voice technique is beautiful and the whole package just fills me with joy. I worry, however, that it might be a little too divisive as a song to make it to the final. I truly hope this captures enough of the viewers the same way that it has captured me.

Overall Ranking: 2nd

Prediction: 7th-12th in the semi-final, 9th-15th in the final if it qualifies.

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Photo Credit: UA:PBC Anastasiia Mantach

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