TES In Depth: Malta’s Destiny with ‘Je me Casse’

TES In Depth: Malta’s Destiny with ‘Je me Casse’

We have reached the end of Eurovision Semi Final One reviews. The last song that we will look at will be Malta’s. Malta this year will be represented by Destiny. To listen our review of Destiny’s song please watch the video below:

Looking into Destiny’s career so far

Destiny may only be 18 years old, but she has already had quite the successful career. Having represented and won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2015, Destiny is no stranger to Eurovision. Destiny also won The X Factor Malta in 2020, meaning she won the right to represent Malta in Eurovision. Like many other artists Destiny’s participation had to be put on hold for a year.

Our takes on ‘Je me Casse’


Opinion: At the time of writing Malta is currently the favourite to win Eurovision 2021. I can totally see why this is the case, this song has so many fun elements, but is still an extremely clean pop song. This song should appeal to both the jurors and the televoters. This song also has a very strong female empowerment message which surely will resonate with alot of female Eurovision viewers.

Overall Ranking: 8th

Prediction: 1st-3rd in the semi, Top 5 in the final.


Opinion: I think it goes without saying that Destiny has a phenomenally mature voice for someone so young and that in part is why I like this song. You can tell that this song – while not written for her – is something that she can easily slip into and feels comfortable singing. The song itself is a perfect blend of modern beats and electro-swing, which does give it a unique selling point, easily distinguishing itself from the rest of the competition. I would totally not be surprised if this was to win, though my one criticism is that it does sound a little like a graduated form of “All About that Bass” by Meghan Trainor.

Overall Ranking: 15th

Prediction: 1st-4th in the semi-final. 1st-6th in the final.


Opinion: In a year with multiple choices for female-led upbeat empowerment songs (something I love!), Je Me Casse feels like the most commercial and possibly safe of these options – not to say that it’s generic or boring in any way! I’m a huge fan of swing and electroswing music, so this was set up to hit a lot of my buttons, and Destiny is a stunning performer (if you haven’t seen the symphonic version, drop everything you’re doing right now and go and listen to it). I fully expect this to do well live, and it would be incredibly well-deserved.

Overall Prediction: 10th

Prediction: A sure-fire qualifier, with a very likely top 5 in the final.

Let us know your thoughts on ‘Je Me Casse’

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Photo Credit: Dunskie Borg

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