TES In Depth: Georgia’s Tornike Kipiani with ‘You’

TES In Depth: Georgia’s Tornike Kipiani with ‘You’

We are now into the second half of the second Eurovision semi final with our reviews. The next country we will look at is Georgia. This year Georgia will be represented by Tornike Kipiani, who will be singing the song ‘You’.

A look into Tornike Kipiani’s career!

Tornike first came to prominence in Georgia when he won The X factor back in 2014. Tornike then entered Georgian Idol back in 2020, winning the right to represent Georgia at Eurovision. In 2020 Tornike was meant to represent his country with the song ‘Take Me As I Am’. Due to the cancellation of the Eurovision song contest in 2020 Tornike was given a second chance to represent his country in 2021. This year Georgia will be represented by the song ‘You’

Our opinions on ‘You’


Opinion: I am really not a fan of this song. This song is probably in no way a bad song, however it just doesn’t do anything for me. I could listen to this song and not be able to tell you how it goes. In my opinion I do not see this song making the Eurovision final in May. I hope the staging is good as to help this song grow on me.

Overall Ranking: 39th

Prediction: 14th-17th in the semi final.


Opinion: Georgia is one of those countries we can just expect something completely different or left-field. We’ve seen that even last year with “Take Me As I Am”, which – amongst the constant upbeat songs – provided a welcome breath of fresh air. This year, Tornike has taken this approach and maximised that unique angle by all means. However, that comes at the detriment of the commercial aspect of the song. “You” is a lovely ode to nature, but in a Contest where you have to give a beat in order to get ahead, I can’t see anyone appreciating this. It’s a beautiful song – just not for Eurovision.

Overall Ranking: 34th

Prediction: 15th-17th in the semi-final.


Opinion: I am one of those people who you will typically find championing many of Georgia’s underrated entries (and yes, I am still bitter about Iriao), but unfortunately, in a year as strong as this, I find it just a little too conventional, without being popular enough to win over many of the viewers. Tornike’s voice is wonderful, and the song makes great use of the choir as well (more Georgian polyphony in Eurovision, please!). The lyrics are a very pretty if occasionally misguided ode to nature (please don’t go actually touching the Sun, Tornike – either the celestial being or the UK newspaper), but I struggle to see this making waves with the viewing audiences, which is a shame.

Overall Ranking: 35th

Prediction: 14th-17th in the semi-final.

Let us know your thoughts on ‘You’

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Photo Credit: Giorgi Tsaava

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