TES In Depth: Albania’s Anxhela Peristeri with ‘Karma’

TES In Depth: Albania’s Anxhela Peristeri with ‘Karma’

We are nearly finished with our Eurovision Semi Final reviews. The next song we will review comes from Albania who will be represented by Anxhela Peristeri. Anxhela will perform her song ‘Karma’ at this years contest. To hear our review of her song watch the video below:

A look into Anxhela Peristeri’s career so far

Anxhela has competed in several well known music competitions through Albania. She first competed in music festival Festivali i Këngës in 2001, and the modelling pageant Miss Albania. In December 2016 Anxhela competed in well known music competition Kënga Magjike where she finished in a very respectable second place. This year Anxhela decided to try her luck in Festivali i Këngës again. Anxhela’s luck was a lot better in 2020 as she won the contest and therefore the right to represent Albania at Eurovision in 2021, with her song ‘Karma’

Our opinions on ‘Karma’


Opinion: This song is very powerful and Anxhela’s vocals are simply stunning. I don’t think Anxhela will have any problems qualifying for the Eurovision final. While I think this song will get to the final with ease, unless the staging is amazing I can’t see it lighting up the left hand side of the Eurovision scoreboard either. The power of this song lends itself to potentially stunning staging which could change how I feel about the song’s outcome come the contest in May.

Overall Ranking: 26th

Prediction: Currently 6th-9th in the semi final then 15th-18 in the final, but staging could change this.


Opinion: It’s crazy to think that this song was the first that we had gotten for Eurovision 2021 back in December. When it was selected, I enjoyed it – but I also felt that it needed work. It did have added work and the end product definitely feels like it fits into the 21st century. Anxhela has a unique delivery of this song and the lyrical content is also incredibly deep! I think this lends itself to some very big staging, so depending on the visual the Albanian delegation choose to go with to present “Karma”, this could one of two ways – either it could appeal to the juries and televoters, qualify and then flop in the final, or not be accessible in the semi-final. I’m hoping for the former!

Overall Ranking: 23rd

Prediction: 7th-10th in the semi-final. 18th-23rd in the final.


Opinion: While I enjoyed Karma in the prevamp version, the revamp really elevated the song to another level. It’s classically Albanian – an accomplished singer performing a song with powerful lyrics, a lot of vocal skills and a strong backing track which heavily features traditional instruments with more modern production techniques. It feels very much in the same vein as Ktheju Tökes to me, which was perhaps a shock qualifier to some in 2019. I fully expect to see Anxhela in the final, even if, much like Jonida Maliqi, it may not reach the heights of the scoreboard. It’s a great entry from Albania once again.

Overall Ranking: 19th

Prediction: 5th-8th in the semi-final, mid-table in the final.

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Photo Credit: Norik Uka

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