TES In Depth: Serbia’s Hurricane with ‘Loco Loco’

TES In Depth: Serbia’s Hurricane with ‘Loco Loco’

Our next Eurovision 2021 review is for Serbia. Serbia this year will be represented by the girl group Hurricane, who will sing ‘Loco Loco’ at the contest this year. To hear our thoughts on Hurricane’s song watch the video below:

A look into Hurricane’s career so far!

Hurricane were formed back in 2017, the members of Hurricane are  Sanja Vučić, Ivana Nikolić and Ksenija Knežević. Sanja is familiar with Eurovision, as she represented Serbia back in 2016. Sanja’s song ‘Goodbye’ placed 18th in the Grand Final. In 2020 Hurricane won the Serbian national final Beovizija with their song ‘Hasta La Vista’. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic cancelling the Eurovision Song Contest, Hurricane had to put their participation on hold for a year. This year Hurricane will represent their country with the song ‘Loco Loco’

Our takes on ‘Loco Loco’


Opinion: I do really enjoy this fun energetic song. I feel a song like this lends itself to very strong staging, which could change the game for Serbia this year. In it’s current form I would be a little unsure about how jurors take to Hurricane’s song. I feel this song will be an easy qualifier among voters all over Europe. I do see this in the final although I wouldn’t place a bet on it lighting up the left hand side of the leaderboard in the Eurovision final.

Overall Ranking: 24th

Prediction: 7th-10th in the semi final, then 15th-22nd in the final.


Opinion: There is something in this song that I simultaneously love and hate. The chorus of the song has become the biggest earworm of the season, but it is almost a grating one. I’ve not been the biggest fan of Hurricane’s music – I have only just gotten acquainted with “Hasta La Vista” – so I feel that “Loco Loco” is not aimed at me. There’s no denying that the girls ooze class, sass and style and given their Eurovision experience, I am expecting some really epic staging. However, as great as they are, I am not the target demographic, so I will enjoy it only when it’s performed.

Overall Ranking: 19th

Prediction: 5th-9th in the semi-final. 11th-15th in the final.


Opinion: Loco Loco is a fun pop number, and it’s fantastic to hear a song like this sung not in English. Sanja, Ivana and Ksenija’s voices are all strong, and they’re great live performers. However, I find the song a little too basic with not enough substance to reach the higher ranks of my top – possibly even harder having seen Sanja’s previous outing at Eurovision as a solo participant, which was dark and moody and powerful. While I appreciate and enjoy the energy they bring this year, I feel like there are stronger, more meaningful songs within the “upbeat female pop” category, and unfortunately Loco Loco pales in comparison to those for me.

Overall Ranking: 30th

Prediction: 5th-10th in the semi-final, 15th-22nd in the final.

Let us know your thoughts!

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Photo Credit: Dejan Milićević

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