Presenting – The TES National Final Awards 2021! (Part 1)

Presenting – The TES National Final Awards 2021! (Part 1)

As we roll into rehearsals, it’s time to reflect on the national finals that we have been fortunate enough to have this year. From Melodifestivalen to Ha’Shir Shelanu L’Eurovizion, we were spoiled for choice for potential Eurovision songs. We weren’t able to decide on the winners ourselves, so we gave the choice over to you! We gave you several categories to vote on, and this week’s podcast episode is going to reveal the first half of your results. Are you ready for all the drama of an awards ceremony, just without the pomp and pageantry?

The second half of the awards will be revealed later this week.

What do you think of the results of the first half of categories? Do you think the winners are deserved? Who would you choose to win each of the categories? As always, tell us in the comments below or at social media. Don’t forget to follow ‘THAT Eurovision Site’ over at FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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