🇦🇹 TES Reviews: Vincent Bueno lets in the light

🇦🇹 TES Reviews: Vincent Bueno lets in the light

The fifth act rehearsing today is Austria, who will be represented by Vincent Bueno in this year’s competition with his entry ‘Amen’.

What did we think of the rehearsal?

The performance begins with Vincent being lit up by a single spotlight on his left side for the first verse. The first chorus leads to an opening of the stage to see a string of lights being beamed out into the arena. We also see Vincent – dressed in a long black rhinestoned jacket – standing on a long plinth in an Ulrikke-style.

The second verse shows Vincent walking along the plinth from the side of the stage, giving the illusion he is walking along the catwalk. Lights illuminate behind him as he walks to the front of the plinth. The second chorus brings in extra lights, tinted in a soft gold colour.

In the bridge, all the lights go out on stage with the exception of the lone spotlight from before, and as Vincent powers into the final chorus, the stage is illuminated in gold lights. The performance ends with Vincent being left in the dark again.

Now what did our team think of Austria’s rehearsal?

Rory: I like the stark contrast between the dark staging and the lights in the performance. Vincent’s voice was practically perfect, and his personality adds another layer of personality and emotionality in the song. I would love to see some fire or something just to give it that finishing touch, but I think it’s a very professional staging that Austria can be proud of!

Rosie: It’s very simple staging for Austria, which once again lets the focus remain on the highlight of the song, Vincent’s voice. He’s sounding fantastic. There’s nothing gimmicky here, and I don’t think this is staging that will change anyone’s opinion on the song, but it works.

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News Source Credit: EBU/That Eurovision Site

Photo Credit: Roman Zach-Kiesling

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