🇩🇰 TES Reviews: Yet more pink and blue for Fyr and Flamme

🇩🇰 TES Reviews: Yet more pink and blue for Fyr and Flamme

Up next today is Denmark, who are being represented by Fyr & Flamme. Fyr & Flamme will be singing the song ‘Øve Os PÃ¥ Hinanden’ in this year’s competition.

What did we make of Denmark’s rehearsal?

It’s yet more pink and blue as we end with Denmark today. The staging is very similar to the DMGP performance – Jesper and Laurits on circular podiums, Laurits set slightly back on stage playing his guitar and Jesper with a standing microphone. The LEDs in the background are blue and yellow square patterns. We do see the backing singers this time, who are stood towards the back of the stage and get a fun Soldi-esque clap moment in the pre-chorus. Jesper’s dance moves are out in full force. Towards the end of the song, he grabs the microphone from the stand, runs onto the satellite stage and then runs back to his podium, where Laurits comes to join him for the end of the song.

Rory: Well this is incredibly cheesy, isn’t it? It is incredibly similar to DMGP in terms of the backdrop, the outfits and even the choreography. I guess they say don’t fix what’s not broken, but you should be bringing in new ideas! Now that I’ve seen the rehearsal, it makes me question even more why the producers put this last? I do enjoy it when it’s on, but I am thinking this is likely to NQ.

Jazzi: This is essentially copy and paste from the National final! I like the pink and blue backdrop! Jesper has pure chaotic energy and half way through he seems to just run across the bridge! I don’t think this is strong enough to qualify in such a strong semi final but they are on last so you never know! I do think this may sneak in with qualifiers but I can’t see the jury having this high at all.

Rosie: Denmark bring a lot of fun to Eurovision this year, though I’m not sure this performance is enough to convince someone who wasn’t a fan of the song already. Jesper and Laurits’ vocals were excellent, Jesper’s energy is magnetic and they’re both clearly having the time of their lives on stage. I still wish that they interacted more with one another. I like the moment at the end, but they feel for the rest of the performance like two separate musicians rather than a duo, and the energy between the two of them could really elevate the performance. It’s not a definite qualifier for me, but I don’t think it’s too hurt by the performance.

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News Source: EBU/ That Eurovision Site

Photo Source: Rasmus Laursen

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