EBU releases HD footage of the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest

EBU releases HD footage of the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest

The EBU released the HD footage of the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 to the public on Saturday 31st July. The contest in 2006 was largely filmed in HD. The new filming techniques paved the way for how we view Eurovision today in 2021. In the footage there are no postcards, fans get an insight into how the stage is set up in between songs, something which unless fans are in the arena, Eurovision fans do not see.

The EBU, the Greek broadcaster ERT and the Insitute of Broadcasting technology created this footage as part of an experiment on conducting live shows in HD. Other broadcasters that helped with this experiment include the BBC (United Kingdom) and Rai (Italy). The HD footage was never intended to be broadcast and should not replace the original footage shown in 2006.

You can watch the HD cut of Eurovision 2006 right here:

Eurovision 2006 in Athens.

Athens in Greece hosted the Eurovision Song contest 2006 after Helena Paparizou won the 2005 edition with her song ‘My Number One’. Helena’s song scored 230 points, giving Greece their first-ever win in the contest. Sakis Rovas and Maria Menounos hosted the show. The 2006 edition saw Finland win for the first time. Rock band Lordi represented the winning country. Lordi scored 292 points in the Grand Final. making it the highest-scoring winner ever at the time. You can listen to Lordi’s winning song here:

Our thoughts!

Our team recently recorded a ‘That Eurovision Podcast’ episode talking about the 2006 contest which will be released shortly, which you are able to watch right here:

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News Source: EBU/Eurovision.tv

Photo Source: EPA / Orestis Panagiotou

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