🇸🇪 Patrik Jean releases new single “Numb”

🇸🇪 Patrik Jean releases new single “Numb”

After his participation at this year’s Melodifestivalen, Patrik Jean continues on to release new music. Earlier in the summer, we saw him release “Gravitate”, and we are usually used to hearing emotional songs from Patrik. However, on this occasion, we are hearing the exact opposite on his new single “Numb”. For his latest release, Patrik co-wrote the song with the track’s Producer ‘LIAS’, who was nominated at the 63rd Grammy Awards for being a Producer in John Legend’s latest album “Bigger Love”.

About “Numb”

Upon the release of his latest single, Patrik explained what “Numb” is about. The song might have a darker and a clubbier sound, but still has that something, that would distinguish the fact it is a song by Patrik.

The song is about shaking off negative energy, getting to a point where you just can not bear to feel more. With NUMB, I wanted to capture both the melancholy and the liberation in it. 

Listen to “Numb” on streaming platforms

You are now able to listen to Patrik’s latest single via the following streaming platforms


Apple Music

You are able to listen to the latest music released by Eurovision artists by following our New Music Friday playlist over at Spotify

Patrik Jean’s Eurovision Journey

Before debuting at Melodifestivalen, Patrik was one of the co-writers for The Mamas’ 2020 Eurovision entry ‘Move’, which was due to represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest. Eventually, Patrik made his debut at Melodifestivalen 2021 as an artist with “Tears Run Dry” which placed 5th in its Semi-Final.

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News Source: Patrik Jean / Clap Your Hands

Photo Source: Magnus Ragnvid

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