🇲🇰 Andrea to represent North Macedonia at the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest

🇲🇰 Andrea to represent North Macedonia at the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest

The final of North Macedonia’s national selection Za Evrosong 2022 has just taken place and we have a winner! Andrea will represent North Macedonia in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Circles”.

A recap of Za Evrosong

After a week of online voting, the scores gathered were then combined into the International Jury. The six artists competing in tonight’s final, and their respective final placements were:

ArtistCompeting songJury
Viktor Apostolovski“Superman”812202nd
Kaly“Love and Light”610163rd
Lara Ivanova“Flower of Sorrow”105154th
Yon Idy“Dreams”77145th
Ris Flower“Flying to Berlin”56116th

Despite Andrea and Viktor scoring 20 points, it was the jury vote that became the deciding factor, with Andrea, therefore, being selected as the winner.

North Macedonia’s Eurovision Journey

The upcoming year will see North Macedonia’s 21st participation at Eurovision. The ex-Yugoslav nation made its formal debut in the Contest in 1998 with Vlado Janevski’s “Ne zori, zoro”. Performing last, North Macedonia finished 19th out of 25.

Following Kaliopi’s participation in 2012 with “Crno i Belo”, North Macedonia began a 6-year non-qualification streak. Tamara Todevska’s participation in 2019 broke the streak with her song, “Proud” – which finished in 7th place, winning the jury vote.

In 2021, Vasil represented North Macedonia, after his initial participation was hampered by the coronavirus pandemic. Singing “Here I Stand”, Vasil performed in the first semi-final, finishing in 15th place out of 16. In total, Vasil received 23 points.

What do you make of the winner? Do you think North Macedonia will get a good result at Eurovision 2022? Where did your favourite for Za Evrosong 2022 finish? As always, let us know what you think getting involved in the comments below. Also, be sure to follow ‘That Eurovision Site’ on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more information about North Macedonia’s Eurovision journey this year!

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