🏆 That Eurovision Site: National Final Awards 2022 – Results (Part One – Albania to Iceland)

🏆 That Eurovision Site: National Final Awards 2022 – Results (Part One – Albania to Iceland)

125 people have voted across 32 categories, and we are now proud to present the first winners of the TES National Final Awards 2022!

The awards are an opportunity to show some love and appreciation for the songs that we may have lost on our journey through National Final season, but that will remain forever in our hearts, minds and playlists.

All songs that competed in, but did not win their selection were eligible for the categories for each individual show. There are a couple of categories where we honour the winning songs as part of the National Final season, but we’ll be back with our Eurovision Awards later in the summer where we will celebrate these songs even more!

Thank you to everyone who voted! Now it’s time to announce the winners of our first categories in the TES National Final Awards 2022!

🇦🇱 Best In Show: Festivali i Këngës

Alban Ramosaj performs Theje at Festivali i Këngës
Image Source: RTV21

Theje by Alban Ramosaj achieved 51% of the vote!
He definitely crushed this category.

2nd place: Rezarta Smaja – E jemja nuse (13.3%)

3rd place: Ester Zahiri – Hiena (7.1%)

🇦🇺 Best In Show: Australia Decides

Jaguar Jonze performed Little Fires at Australia Decides
Image Source: Jaguar Jonze

Little Fires by Jaguar Jonze achieved 31.8% of the vote!
She set our hearts ablaze with her beautiful performance.

2nd place: Voyager – Dreamer (29.9%)

3rd place: Charley – I Suck At Being Lonely (18.7%)

🇭🇷 Best In Show: Dora

Mia Negovetić performs Forgive Me (Oprosti) at Dora
Image Source: Eurovision World

Forgive Me (Oprosti) by Mia Negovetić achieved 32.6% of the vote!
She definitely doesn’t need to apologise for this performance.

2nd place: Marko Bošnjak – Moli za nas (23.3%)

3rd place: Bernarda – Here for Love (9.3%)

🇨🇿 Best In Show: ESCZ

Giudi performs Jezinky at ESCZ
Image Source: Giudi

Jezinky by Giudi achieved 45.1% of the vote!
The power of the spirits was on her side.

2nd place: Annabelle – Running Out Of F***in’ Time (23.5%)

3rd place: Elis Mraz – Imma Be (10.8%)

🇩🇰 Best In Show (That Isn’t The Show): DMGP

Fuld Effekt perform Rave med de hårde drenge at DMGP
Image Source: Fuld Effekt

Rave med de hårde drenge by Fuld Effekt achieved 44.3% of the vote!
You all wanted to rave with the hard boys in this one. Bonk.

2nd place: Conf3ssions – Hallelujah (22.7%)

3rd place: Der var engang – En skønne dag (11.3%)

🇪🇪 Best In Show: Eesti Laul

Jaagup Tuisk performs Kui Vaid at Eesti Laul
Imahe Source: Siim Lõvi/ERR

Kui Vaid by Jaagup Tuisk achieved 11.7% of the vote!
With so much love for both times he’s entered Eesti Laul so far, will he make it third time lucky if he returns?

2nd place: Minimal Wind ft. elisabeth tiffany – What To Make Of This (10.7%)

3rd place: Anna Sahlene – Champion (9.7%)

🇫🇮 Best In Show: UMK

BESS performs Ram Pam Pam at UMK
Image Source: Yle

Ram Pam Pam by BESS achieved 38.6% of the vote!
Our hearts have definitely been dancing to her beat.

2nd place: Olivera – Thank God I’m An Atheist (18.4%)

3rd place: Cyan Kicks – Hurricane (17.5%)

🇫🇷 Best In Show: C’est Vouz Qui Décidez

SOA perform Seule at C’est Vouz Qui Décidez
Image Source: C’est Vouz Qui Décidez

Seule by SOA achieved 43% of the vote!
If you voted for them, you’re not alone.

2nd place: Pauline Chagne – Nuit Pauline (18.7%)

3rd place: Elia – Téléphone AND Joan – Madame (9.3%)

🇩🇪 Best In Show: Germany 12 Points

Felicia Lu performs Anxiety at Germany 12 Points
Image Source: feathered

Anxiety by Felicia Lu achieved 65.3% of the vote!
No worries about people not liking her song here.

2nd place: Emily Roberts – Soap (15.8%)

3rd place: Maël & Jonas – I Swear To God (13.9%)

🇮🇸 Best In Show: Söngvakeppnin

Reykjavíkurdætur perform Tökum af stað/Turn This Around at Söngvakeppnin
Image Souce: RÚV

Tökum af stað/Turn This Around by Reykjavíkurdætur achieved 41.9% of the vote!
If Karl Marx were alive, he might need to be in a polyamorous relationship with you all.

2nd place: Katla – Þaðan af/Then Again (24.8%)

3rd place: Markéta Irglová – Mögulegt/Possible (9.5%)

And that’s all…for now!

Stay tuned for the results from all of the rest of this year’s selections, plus our bonus categories! We’ll be revealing them throughout the week as we approach Eurovision 2022!

Are you happy with the winners so far? Have any of the results surprised you? Let us know in the comments below! Don’t forget to follow ‘THAT Eurovision Site’ over at FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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Photo Source: Adrian Pregelj/RTV Slovenia

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