🇳🇴 TES Preview: Slick precision for Subwoolfer

🇳🇴 TES Preview: Slick precision for Subwoolfer

Today rehearsals for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 kicked off. Countries rehearsing on Day 2 include Portugal, Croatia, Denmark, Austria, Greece, Iceland, Norway and Armenia. Next to rehearse today was Norway’s Subwoolfer.

Subwoolfer’s first rehearsal

The next act to take to the Eurovision 2022 stage at the Pala Alpitour in Turin was Norway’s Subwoolfer. They will sing the song “Give That Wolf A Banana” at Eurovision 2022 after they were selected to represent Norway earlier this year.

Following Subwoolfer’s first rehearsal a clip of their rehearsal was posted on TikTok. The clip showed them before and after they took to the Eurovision stage for the first time. The clip also gave us some insight into how well their first rehearsal went.

@eurovision Yum, yum, yum! 🐺🍌🇳🇴 @Subwoolfer brought their iconic dance routine AND fireworks to #Eurovision#Eurovision2022 #EutovisionTikTok ♬ original sound – Eurovision

What did we learn about Subwoolfer’s staging?

Subwoolfer’s First Rehearsal for Eurovision 2022
Photo Credit: EBU/Nathan Reinds

The staging is in similar vein to their MGP performances! There are 3 additional back up dancers along with Keith and Jim. DJ Astronaut is also there doing his thing. Their dance moves are on point! The two seem very much in sync with each other. This is fun filled and slick, while also being a bit silly, televoters will adore this. Just like in the national final there was a use of Pyro in the final runthrough.

What did we make of Subwoolfer’s first rehearsal?

Alasdiar has given his initial reaction and impressions of Norway’s first rehearsal. You can watch our TikTok here:

@thateurosite #stitch with @eurovision #Norway #Eurovision #Subwoolfer ♬ original sound – thateurosite

About Subwoolfer

Subwoolfer, better known as Keith, Jim and DJ Astronaut, they say their career began 4.5 billion years ago on the moon. Their aim is to become the most successful group in our galaxy. Subwoolfer’s real identities remain a secret. The trio won Norway’s national final Melodi Grand Prix with their song “Give That Wolf A Banana”.

Norway’s Eurovision Journey

Norway made its Eurovision Song Contest debut in 1960 with Nora Brockstedt’s “Voi Voi”, which placed 4th. Since then, Norway has participated 59 times and won 3 times. Bobbysocks won in 1985 with “La det swinge” and Secret Garden won with “Nocturne” a decade later in 1995. More recently, Alexander Rybak won the 2009 contest with “Fairytale” with a record-breaking score.

In the past decade, Norway made the qualified to the Grand Final every year except 2011 and 2016. They notched five top-ten finishes, including 4th in 2013 with Margaret Berger’s “I Feed You My Love”. In 2019, Keiino placed sixth and won the televote with “Spirit in the Sky”. In the most recent contest in 2021, Tix qualified for the Grand Final with “Fallen Angel”, which ultimately placed 16th.

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News Source: EBU

Photo Source: NRK

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