🇳🇱 TES Preview: Darkest before the dawn for S10 in her second rehearsal

🇳🇱 TES Preview: Darkest before the dawn for S10 in her second rehearsal

Today, second rehearsals for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 kicked off. Countries rehearsing on Day 5 include Albania, Latvia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Slovenia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, The Netherlands Moldova, Portugal, Croatia,Denmark, Austria and Greece. Next to rehearse today was The Netherlands’ S10.

S10’s second rehearsal

Today we got to watch S10’s second rehearsal from the online Press Centre. We got an in-depth preview of how her staging will look on TV on Tuesday 10th May, when she performs in the first Eurovision semi-final. You can watch a small clip of her second rehearsal here!

We will post the Official Youtube clip of the second rehearsal when it has become available

What can we see from The Netherlands’ second rehearsal

The performance starts by S10 standing on a small podium, which creates a square of white lights that shine up. We slowly zoom in on her, with the lights creating a lovely smokey effect with the fog. As the chorus kicks in, the lights in the back start shining across the stage. Camera shots are a mix of wide shots and close ups, with some panning.

During the second verse, S10 is lit from the back in white, creating a silhouette effect before the spotlight on her turns on. As the song progresses, the lights slowly turn from white to orange. The way the back of the stage is reflected in the stage causes it to look like a rising or setting sun. S10’s performance ends with only her being lit as we slowly zoom in on her. Throughout the performance she stands fairly still on her little stage, except for the end, where she walks towards the front and the LEDs on the floor create the square effect instead.

What Happened in S10’s’ first rehearsal

After S10’s first rehearsal, Rory gave his initial thoughts on the snippet that we saw. You can see how he felt about her first rehearsal by checking our TikTok here:

@thateurosite #stitch with @eurovision Our penultimate rehearsal of the day comes from @s10sdonnie from the #netherlands. It’s a minimal glimpse into S10’s world but we are expecting big things! #eurovision ♬ original sound – thateurosite

About S10

S10, also known as Stien den Hollander, is a 21-year-old rap musician. She was signed to hip-hop label Noah’s Ark at 17, and released two albums: Snowsniper (2019) and Vlinders (2020). Snowsniper was awarded an Edison, one of the most prestigious prizes in the Dutch music industry. More recently, S10 was awarded the Pop Stipend, a grant of 10000 euros to support up-and-coming artists. ‘De Diepte’ is the first Dutch-language entry in Eurovision since 2010. The song is “an ode to the sadness and the memories you carry with you”. S10 wrote De Diepte together with Arno Krabman. At Eurovision, The Netherlands will have a new creative team, who you can read about here. Besides releasing her song, S10 has also performed De Diepte live. You can read more about that performance and watch it here.

The Netherlands’ Eurovision Journey

The Netherlands is one of the founding countries of the ESC, having performed the very first song ever on the Eurovision stage back in 1956. While the result of “De Vogels van Holland” is unknown, the Netherlands have clocked 5 wins, with their most recent in 2019. However the Netherlands are also known to have had the longest ever non qualification streak in the semi-final era – they missed out on the final a whopping 8 times between 2005-2012. As the host of 2021, they automatically qualified to the final in Rotterdam. Their song “Birth of a new Age” reached 23rd place, with 11 points, all from the juries.

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News Source: EBU

Photo Source: EBU/Nathan Reinds

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