🇷🇸 TES Preview: Clinical hands for Konstrakta in her second rehearsal

🇷🇸 TES Preview: Clinical hands for Konstrakta in her second rehearsal

Today second rehearsals for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 continued . Countries rehearsing on Day 6 for the second time include Iceland, Norway, Armenia, Finland, Israel, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Malta and San Marino. Next to rehearse today was Serbia’s Konstrakta.

Konstrakta’s second rehearsal

Today we got to watch Konstrakta’s second rehearsal from the online Press Centre. We got an in-depth preview of how their performance will look on TV on Thursday 12th May, when they perform in the second Eurovision semi-final. You can watch a small clip of their second rehearsal here!

What can we see from Serbia’s second rehearsal

The opening shot sees Konstrakta sat on her chair surrounded by her backing dancers. There are a lot of similar camera shots to that from Pesma za Evroviziju that cut around Konstrakta and her singers, while we get split-second shots of random parts of the stage. The LED lights up in white and blue splots. Throughout the song, the song’s lyrics are translated into English in subtitles that are displayed on the bottom of the screen. Konstrakta is also constantly washing her hands throughout the performance.

The first chorus then sees the LED cut to a gridded background with yellow hands around the side of the LED stage, with gold lights shooting from the sun. The second verse takes two of the dancers to wash Konstrakta’s hands, whilst flowers are plunged out from behind the sun. The blue colours quickly switch to oranges and yellows throughout this section. One of the backing dancers – Kosta Mushu – then throws his towels around and is followed shortly after by the other dancers.

The bridge sees the crew plunged into red whilst she ponders who will care for her. The chorus then sees the return of the gridded background with blue hands repeating Konstrakta’s iconic hand dance. The outro sees the gridded background come to everywhere on the stage, whilst the dancers surround Konstrakta to form two lines of three. In the Latin bit, the stage plunges into red and a strong light show flashes red until she sings the final line.

What happened in Konstrakta’s first rehearsal?

After Konstrakta’s first rehearsal, Rosie gave her initial thoughts on the snippet that we saw. You can see how she felt about her first rehearsal by checking our TikTok here:


#stitch with @eurovision we’ve had our first rehearsal from @KONSTRAKTA and here’s @tiktokwithrosie’s thoughts on what we’ve seen so far! #serbia #eurovision #esc2022 #konstrakta #incorporesano

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About Konstrakta

Konstrakta is a Serbian singer-songwriter. She kick-started her career over 20 years ago in 1997. In the span of her music career she has released three studio albums with the group Zemlja gruva the most recent being “Šta stvarno želiš?” back in 2016. Konstrakta started her solo career back in 2019 with her single “Žvake”.

Serbia’s Eurovision Journey

Serbia made its debut as an independent country in 2007 (they previously participated through Yugoslavia & Serbia & Montenegro), where they were represented by Marija Šerifović with “Molitva, which managed to win the competition. Since their debut, Serbia has participated 13 times (10 of which, where they qualified for the Grand Final).

Their recent participation saw them being represented by Hurricane (who was due to represent them in 2020), with the song “Loco Loco”. At this year’s competition, Serbia managed to qualify for the Grand Final, where they subsequently managed to place 15th after receiving 102 points from the jury and televoters.

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News Source: EBU

Photo Source: EBU/Nathan Reinds 

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