🇲🇰 Head of North Macedonian delegation sets out report on how to improve Eurovision results

🇲🇰 Head of North Macedonian delegation sets out report on how to improve Eurovision results

As the North Macedonian delegation examines how the country failed to qualify for the final of Eurovision 2022, the Head of Delegation released a new report looking at how results could be improved.

Lessons to be learned by North Macedonian delegation

Handing her report to national broadcaster MRT, Head of Delegation Meri Popova outlined a number major reforms in the broadcaster’s approach to Eurovision. These plans will help to improve North Macedonia’s results in the long-term.

1: Allow for more funding

In her report, Popova said that a downfall for the country’s participation is the lack of available funds to sufficiently prepare for Eurovision. Allowing for extra funding towards the Contest would ensure that the country would face less of a “major obstacle” in the future.

One way that the delegation suggested was incorporating advertising into the Contest in North Macedonia. Popova added that an intensified marketing strategy to promote future artists would ensure that there would be added funds for the delegation to use.

2: Increase the size of the delegation

Another point that Popova mentioned in her report was the insufficient size of the delegation. Popova stated that due to the small number of people working in the team, several individuals were doubling up on roles. As a result, stretched resources could have contributed to a more disjointed approach. Popova added that an increase in delegation size could help to focus ideas. The larger delegation could also create a more concise approach for May.

Scandals such as the “flag incident” in 2022 would be avoided following recommendations in the report. Photo Credit: That Eurovision Site

3: Start preparing for Eurovision early

Another point the Head of Delegation made was to begin preparations for Eurovision earlier. During their preparations for 2022, MRT first revealed their intention to use a national final as a selection method in December. In her report, Popova said that preparations for the Contest should begin no later than September. As a result, beginning earlier could help the delegation and participating artists better prepare for any national selection, as well as the actual competition.

4: Boost public morale for the Contest

One final point the report suggested was to embark on a mass campaign to boost the reputation of the delegation. Following a number of incidents over recent years, the report made a recommendation for the establishment of a public relations committee. The aim of the committee would be to encourage enthusiasm and support for the representative. It would also help to better train artists for media interviews or potential scandals, including the so-called “flag incident” in 2022.

MRT responds to the delegation

Ms Popova’s report was sent to broadcaster MRT’s Programming Council. Following the publishing of the report, MRT said it would publish a response on how the North Macedonian delegation could implement what was recommended in Popova’s report. As well as this, the Council asked to see documents of potential income from advertising over the next 4 years.

The broadcaster has yet to confirm participation for the 2023 Contest. MRT continues to deal with the fall-out of the so-called “flag incident”. The broadcaster is now asking for a final decision on disciplinary actions following the debacle.

North Macedonia’s history at Eurovision

The upcoming year will see North Macedonia’s 21st participation at Eurovision. The ex-Yugoslav nation made its formal debut in the Contest in 1998 with Vlado Janevski’s “Ne zori, zoro”. Performing last, North Macedonia finished 19th out of 25.

Following Kaliopi’s participation in 2012 with “Crno i Belo”, North Macedonia began a 6-year non-qualification streak. Tamara Todevska’s participation in 2019 broke the streak with her song, “Proud” – which finished in 7th place, winning the jury vote.

In 2022, Andrea represented North Macedonia, singing her song “Circles”. Andrea performed in the second semi-final, finishing in 11th place out of 16. In total, Andrea received 76 points.

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News Source: ESC Portugal

Photo Credit: EBU / Andres Putting

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