🇨🇿 Lake Malawi release new single ‘Mermaid Surf Club’

🇨🇿 Lake Malawi release new single ‘Mermaid Surf Club’

Czechia’s 2019 Eurovision representatives, Lake Malawi, have released ‘Mermaid Surf Club’. A departure from their previously more synth sound, the chill R&B number was a collaboration by Lake Malawi, English singer-songwriter Abi F Jones, and Norwegian Einar Eriksen Kvaløy.

Song written in the same songwriting camp as “Lights Off”

The song was originally written during the song writing camp that preceded the Czech Republic’s national selection last year. Incidentally Kvaløy ended up also producing the winner entry ‘Lights Off’. This song forms part of the band’s new album. The upcoming album will be their second full album; the first, ‘Surrounded by Light’, having been released in 2017.

Lake Malawi’s frontman tells of the ease that came in writing the song stating:

“For the past few years, my girlfriend and I have been spending all our free time surfing. We even converted a van in winter and spent the spring in Portugal. I just fell in love with the surf lifestyle and I wanted to write a song about it. We wrote the song in a day, it came naturally when we started jamming with Abi and Einar at the Czech Songwriting Camp”

Albert Černý

Abi F, who as well as writing the song also duets with Albert, also expressed how much fun she had working on the track:

It was a pleasure working with Lake Malawi. We wrote our song, ‘Mermaids surf club’ on a song writing camp in The Czech Republic at the end of summer. The session was fun because Albert and I share a lot of the same energy and the song came easily. I’m very proud of the result and want the world to hear it!

Abi F Jones

Lyrically the song tells of Abi stumbling onto a beach and encountering Lake Malawi’s lead Albert leading to them starting a summer romance. Throughout the song Albert tries to learn more about this mysterious woman which is met with the response that she is “just a mermaid from the sea”. The song is accompanied with a music video depicting a couple enjoying themselves under the summer sun on an idyllic island.

Listen to ‘Mermaid Surf Club’


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Lakw Malawi’s Eurovision Journey

The Czech indie duo consists of Jeroným Šubrt and Albert Černý. Together with (now former) drummer Pavel Palát, the trio entered the Czech national selection in 2019, and ultimately won with the pop number ‘Friend Of A Friend’. The band went on to represent the Czech Republic in Tel Aviv, where they managed to qualify and finish 11th overall with 157 points. Earlier this year they collaborated with Czechia’s 2022 representative We Are Domi, releasing High Speed Kissing‘.

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