🇸🇮 Slovenia to use EMA to select its Eurovision 2023 representative

🇸🇮 Slovenia to use EMA to select its Eurovision 2023 representative

A month on after confirming their participation for the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool, RTVSLO’s Head of Entertainment Program Vanja Vardjan have confirmed that it will be using their national selection ‘EMA’ to select their representative for Liverpool.

Further insights into Slovenia’s participation in Eurovision

Vanja Vardjan’s confirmation was revealed in an interview with Svet24, which is one of the popular magazine publications in Slovenia. When asked if Slovenia will use EMA to select its Eurovision 2023 representative, Vanja’s answer was simply “Yes”.

In addition to this, Vanja was also asked about Slovenia’s costs in regards to participating at the Eurovision Song Contest, to which they mentioned the following:

The total expenditure is €208,000, of which a little more than €89,000 is used for EMA and a little less than €119,000 for the performance at the Eurovision Song Contest. These costs cover in the first part, the production of the entire EMA project and in the second part the preparation and performance at the Eurovision Song Contest. Included in these costs are accommodation costs (hotels and their prices are determined by the organizers), travel costs, all costs related to the performance itself (concept, choreography, music and arrangements, props, wardrobe) and the registration fee. The entry fee is approximately 40% of the cost of performing at the Eurovision Song Contest. At the same time, it is worth pointing out that our costs are among the three lowest among more than 40 delegations every year.

In the same interview, it was also asked why the country is not participating in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest anymore (the country last participated in 2015), to which they answered:

Because it is a music competition that is watched and attended by two-thirds fewer countries than the Eurovision Song Contest.

At the time of writing, further details about the format of EMA 2023 or when submissions will open is yet to be announced by RTVSLO.

Slovenia’s Eurovision Journey

In 1993, Slovenia made its debut in the Eurovision Song Contest with 1X Band and the song “Tih deževen dan”, which placed 22nd. Since their debut, they have participated 26 times (15 of which, where they qualified for the Grand Final.)

Slovenia’s recent Eurovision participation, saw them being represented by LPS, who represented them with the song “Disko”, which placed 18th in the first semi-final receiving 15 points from the jury and televoters, finishing last in the semi-final.

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News Source: Svet24

Photo Credit: EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett

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