🇸🇪 Tone Sekelius releases her new single “Crying on Christmas”

🇸🇪 Tone Sekelius releases her new single “Crying on Christmas”

The festive season continues on over in Sweden as artists release their festive tunes ahead of the Christmas season. This time, we have Melodifestivalen 2022 participant Tone Sekelius, who released her new single “Crying on Christmas”.

About “Crying on Christmas”

For the production of the song, Tone co-wrote the song alongside Joachim Ersgaard, Jimmy Jansson, David Kjellstrand, with Joachim Ersgaard producing the song.

Upon the release of “Crying on Christmas”, Tone gave further insight on what the track is about:

You know I’m not the world’s Christmas person. Not that I actually had particularly bad Christmases myself, but the holiday season just isn’t for me. However, I know many people out there are waiting for Christmas but worry, fear, sadness or loss and this song is for you. The first time I heard it I fell for the melody, but lyrically it felt wrong to sing about how great Christmas is when I don’t think so myself, so I sat down and rewrote the lyrics into something that I hope can be a light in the dark for anyone who needs it at Christmas time. Hope you will like it ❤️

Listen to “Crying on Christmas” on streaming platforms

You are now able to listen to “Crying on Christmas” on the following streaming platforms:


Apple Music

Tone Sekelius’ Melodifestivalen Journey

In 2022, Tone Sekelius was one of the participants in Melodifestivalen 2022 with her entry “My Way”. Upon her participation in the 2022 edition of the competition, she managed to reach the Final via the Semi-Finals, where she placed 5th overall after recieving 84 poits from the Juries and the televote combined.

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News Source: Emperial Music

Photo Credit: Daniela Spiroska

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