🎶 Eurovision music round-up: December 2022

🎶 Eurovision music round-up: December 2022

Other Highlights

There is way too much music released every month to cover in-depth, but here are some of the best and biggest new tracks from other Eurovision artists:

Vaidas Baumila – “Apžavai” (LP)

Vaidas represented Lithuania in 2015 by performing the Monika Liu-penned “This Time” together with Monika Linkytė. The singer has regularly released music since, with “Apžavai” (Fascinated) being his latest full album. The 9-track piece was preceded by four singles. “Apžavai” is his biggest commercial success yet, charting in the top 10 of the Lithuanian album charts. Musically, the album is very coherent without being samey, which singles such as the late 80s-inspired title track and the percussion-driven sound of “Kunigunda” (Priestess) already indicated.

Joci Pápai – “Utolsó Tánc”

Hungary’s 2017 and 2019 representative Joci Pápai is back with new music. “Utolsó Tánc” (Last Dance) is about a relationship that has reached its end, with Joci asking his partner for one last dance. Traces of traditional music is combined with a dark, danceable beat to a great moody result.

Madame Monsieur – “Tu me manques encore”

“Tu me manques encore” (I still miss you) is the latest release of the band who performed “Mercy” on the Eurovision stage. Guitar-plucking and an electronic beat are the sonical landscape in which this gentle song about exes and toxic love. The band also have announced their upcoming album, EMMÊLER NOS SOLITUDES, which is set to be released in March 2023.

Flo Rida – “No Bad Days” ft. Jimmie Allen

It still feels unreal to me that Flo Rida competed in Eurovision. The “Adrenalina” rapper gave us some amazing content and strong performance in the run up to and at Eurovision 2019. Of course, he has been keeping busy, and his latest release is “No Bad Days,” a country rap song featuring Jimmie Allen. “No Bad Days” is about exactly what it says: Flo RIda and Jimmie Allen have no bad days. How do they manage that, especially considering *gestures vaguely at everything*? Simple: “We ain’t havin’ no bad days / ‘Cause we havin’ them good nights / When the cups dried up / Pour another vibe up / And let it just slide”.

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