🎶 Eurovision music round-up: December 2022

🎶 Eurovision music round-up: December 2022

National Final season kicking off in earnest, multiple holidays in quick succession, and the exciting wait for the results of ESC250: December is always an exciting time to be a Eurofan. In this round-up: champagne, moodiness, and celebrating the end of 2022.

The 2022 entries

STEFAN – “Hope” (LP)

Estonia’s STEFAN has released his long-awaited debut album “HOPE”. Besides the obvious inclusion of his Eurovision entry as the title track, the album also includes previously released singles “Miraaž” and both the English and the Estonian version of “Never Let Go,” the track he was competing with in Kënga Magjike before withdrawing due to illness. Long-time STEFAN and/or Eesti Laul viewers will also recognize “By My Side,” “Without You”, and a new version of “Laura (Walk with Me)”, which he performed in 2018 as part of duo Vajé.

Monika Liu – “Šampanas (bul bul bul)”

Monika is ready to celebrate 2022 and party into the new year with “Šampanas (bul bul bul)” (Champagne). It is another alt pop, somewhat retro, seductive entry by the Lithuanian singer. The track is about Monika drinking champagne with her partner and enjoying a fun, tipsy night together.

Systur – “Silent Night”

There was a lot of Christmas music released this month, surprising precisely no one. But between being Amazon exclusive (Sam Ryder’s “Jingle Bells”) and a special release for Spotify (Kalush Orchestra’s “Shchedrivka”), I am happy to actually find a track that isn’t limited to one platform. Iceland’s Systur have released their own version of “Silent Night”. So whether you are still in a festive mood or just want to get ahead of the curve and prep your holiday playlist for next year, do give it a listen! The three sisters sound amazing as always on the track.

Ronnie Romero with Alfredo Alonso – “Metal Daze”

Ahead of the album he announced last month, IMP singer Ronnie Romero is releasing single. The latest addition is “Metal Daze,” a cover of the Manowar track of the same name, and he is joined for it by guitarist Alfredo Alonso.

wrs – “Tu Nu Vrei”

Romania’s wrs has released “Tu Nu Vrei” (You Don’t Want).

Sam Ryder – “There’s Nothing But Space, Man!” (LP)

Another Eurovision 2022 artist to release a debut LP this month was Sam Ryder. “There’s Nothing But Space, Man!” has proven to be a massive success, debuting at #1 on the Official UK Charts. You can read more about the album here:

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