🇫🇮 KUUMAA release their UMK 2023 entry “Ylivoimainen”

🇫🇮 KUUMAA release their UMK 2023 entry “Ylivoimainen”

After the reveal of the competing artists at this year’s UMK, the entries are continuing to be released. The penultimate song to be released is “Ylivoimainen” by KUUMAA, which coincided with the release of the official music video of their entry.

Listen to “Ylivoimainen” on streaming platforms

You are also able to listen to KUUMAA’s UMK 2023 entry on streaming platforms:


Apple Music

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Trio KUUMAA consists of singer Johannes Brotherus, drummer Jonttu Luhtavaara and bassist Aarni Soivio. The band formed in 2016, and released their debut self-titled album in 2019. Their popularity grew in 2022 with their hits Tulipalo and Oo vielä sekunnin mun. They describe themselves as friends first, and a band second.

The UMK jury had this to say about their song:

KUUMAA sets the tone for how a Finnish band should sound in 2023: it is charismatic, cutting edge and has the ability to make big songs for streaming services and radio, alike. The band’s frontman Johannes Brotherus is charming and the band’s performance at UMK will bring it to a whole new level on its already skyrocketing trajectory. Ylivoimainen is a harder-charging version of KUUMAA that is sure to rock the stage at Logomo and on Finnish television come February.

UMK Jury

What do we know about UMK 2023?

Finland’s Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu will take place on 25th February 2023, and will be hosted by Samu Haber in the Logomo in Turku. The winning act will be chosen through a vote weighted 25% to the jury and 75% to the public televote. 363 songs were submitted for consideration, and snippets of the seven selected songs can be found on Instagram.

The remaining entries in this year’s competition will be released as follows:

ArtistEntryRelease Date
Portion Boys“Samaa taivasta katsotaan”20th January

Finland’s Eurovision Journey

Finland debuted in the 1961 Eurovision Song Contest, finishing 10th with Laila Kunnunen’s “Valoa ikkunassa.” Since then they have competed 55 times, and appeared in the final 47 times. Finland has finished in the top 10 an impressive 13 times. They have won the contest once in 2006, with Lordi’s performance of “Hard Rock Hallelujah” getting 292 points. Finland’s most recent entry was “Jezebel” by The Rasmus. Qualifying for the final, they gained a total of 38 points, earning them 21st place.

What do you think of KUUMAA‘s entry? Could we hear “Ylivoimainen” on the stage in Liverpool? As always, let us know what you think by commenting below. Also, be sure to follow “That Eurovision Site” on FacebookInstagramTwitter and Tiktok as the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 approaches!

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Photo Credit: Yle/Nelli Kenttä

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