🎶 Eurovision music round-up: January 2023

🎶 Eurovision music round-up: January 2023

The Winners

Måneskin – “RUSH!” (LP)

Last month I talked about Måneskin’s upcoming album following the release of the track “La Fine,” and now it is here! “RUSH!” (No relation to the legendary Canadian rockers) is the band’s third album, and their first album post-Eurovision. The daunting 17 song long tracklist clocks in at a fairly manageable 52:52 total runtime, with only the previously released “THE LONELIEST” being longer than 4 minutes. With a range of different songs and tracks in English and Italian on offer, fans of the 2021 Eurovision winners will sure to find some new favourite songs here. Alongside the album release, each track received the lyric video treatment.

LORDI – “Lucyfer Prime Evil”

Eurovision’s first rock winners also have a new release! “Lucyfer Prime Evil” goes exactly as hard as you’d expect from a LORDI song with a title like that, and releases ahead of upcoming album “Screem Writers Guild”. With the album releasing in March, the band writes on Instagram that this single “gives a quite good example of the themes and lyrical content that await you on the record: it’s a horror story, kinda like an eery horror movie theme song”. The song also is the first time new guitar player Kone, who joined last year, appears on a recorded Lordi track.

Ochman – “Cry For You” feat. Kalush Orchestra

2022 Polish representative Ochman joins forces with Eurovision winners Kalush Orchestra for the new track “Cry For You”. Musically, the track combines Ochman and producer @atutowy’s love for sparse and heavy beats with some folky instrumentation, most notably some flute-work. Kalush Orchestra don’t only appear musically throughout the track, but also provide some Ukrainian verses between Ochman’s English-language work on the song.

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