🎶 Eurovision music round-up: February 2023

🎶 Eurovision music round-up: February 2023

Super Saturdays have kept us fans busy, but also outside of National Final season it has been very busy. Welcome to the round-up of all the best and biggest Eurovision-related music releases of February 2023. In this edition: a movie soundtrack, duos, and a busy April

The 2022 entries

MARO – “oxalá”, “fui passo calculado”, “just wanna forget you”, “ouvi dizer”

MARO has announced new album “hortelã” (mint), which is set to release April 7, and to celebrate the announcement she released lead single “oxalá” (hopefully). It’s a beautifully gentle acoustic guitar track in Portuguese. And then she just kept releasing tracks! “fui passo calculado” (i was a calculated step) and is described by MARO as “the saddest one on the record“. “just wanna forget you” sees MARO singing in English. This track, which MARO describes as one of her favourites on the record, is a bit fuller musically as not one but multiple guitars accompany her. MARO closed out February with new release “ouvi dizer” (i have heard that), in which MARO beautifully sings about the illusion that a new day brings a new beginning.

We Are Domi – “Paradise”

We Are Domi were last featured here in October, and now they are back! “Paradise” is a new track by We Are Domi and has the kind of electro-pop sound we love from them. The song is the first track of the group’s debut EP, which is set to be released on April 7 (which is clearly proving to be a busy day for ESC-related music!). For the song they worked with Lasse Piirainen, who Eurovision fans might recognize as one of the writers of Norma John’s “Blackbird”.

LUM!X, Alida – “Forget You” with Gabry Ponte

LUM!X has been busy post-Eurovision, making him a regular in these round-ups. And it is coming a bit full circle here, as his latest track sees him work with Gabry Ponte, who he also worked with for a song featured in the first edition of this series. The Austrian and the Italian DJ enlisted Norwegian singer Alida to provide the vocals for this club track. Over the pumping beat, Alida sings about not being able to forget her former lover no matter what she tries.

Ronela Hajati – “Salvaje”

Ronela had hoped to immediately return to Eurovision, this time with San Marino, but it was not to be. Those who enjoyed her surprise appearance at Una Voce Per San Marino and her track are in luck though, as Ronela did release “Salvaje” (Wild) as a single. The song includes lyrics in Spanish and English, and is all about passion and keeping things exciting.

wrs – “Dale”

Romania’s wrs has already stated he is working on an album, and while we all wait he is tiding us over with new track “Dale” (Go ahead). It’s a break-up track.

Mia Dimšić – “Stranac Kojeg Znam”

A delicate, slowly-building ballad is what Mia Dimšić is treating us to this month. “Stranac Kojeg Znam” (The Stranger I Know) sees her sing about the alienation and nostalgia love can make one feel. The track was written by Mia Dimšić, Damir Bačić and Vjekoslav Dimter, with Ivan Pešut taking care of the arrangement. A music video is set to be released soon.

Subwoolfer – “Worst Kept Secret”

Norway’s MGP was held this month, but Alessandra Mele winning wasn’t the only newsworthy thing that night. Subwoolfer showed up as an interval act to perform “Give That Wolf a Banana” and new song “Worst Kept Secret”. You can read more about the song and Subwoolfer’s identity reveal here:

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