🎶 Eurovision music round-up: January 2023

🎶 Eurovision music round-up: January 2023

It’s a new year and National Finals are happening left, right, and center, but the round-up continues as always! In this round-up of new Eurovision-related music: some rock, some beats, and some big changes.

The 2022 entries

Jérémie Makiese – “OASIS”

We might already be in 2023 but until Liverpool has hosted Eurovision, artists from 2022 will still get the headline here! Kicking us of for 2023 is Belgium’s Jérémie Makiese and his new track “OASIS”. A more summery sound accompanies Jérémie’s beautiful voice on this track about wanting to to show love to someone else, regardless of what people might say.

Malik Harris – “Dreamer”

Last time I talked about Malik Harris here, he was part of a mega-collaboration. Now, he is back with a solo release. “Dreamer” sees Malik use his characteristic mix of rap and singing to deliver a track about tackling whatever comes your way as you try to fulfill your dreams. The song was written and produced by Malik and Robin Karow, who he worked with on “Rockstars”. Content warning for the video: there is a depiction of (attempted) sexual assault in the towards the middle of the music video.

Chanel & RIDSA – TOKE (Si t’es ok)

Back in October, Chanel released her first proper post-Eurovision single “Toke”. She has now released a new version of the track featuring a verse by French rapper RIDSA, who adds a bit of French to the song, as reflected by the new song title.

Guè feat. Mahmood – “Lontano Dai Guai”

2019 runner-up and 2022 returnee Mahmood features on “Lontano Dai Guai” (Away From Trouble), a new track by Italianb rapper Guè. The new song is part of Guè’s just released album “Madreperla”, and was released alongside a visualizer. Mahmood takes on the singing duties for “Lontano Dai Guai,” bringing the choruses while Guè delivers the verses.

BLANCO – “L’Isola delle Rose”

The other half of Italy’s 2022 entry has also released new music, but BLANCO gives us a solo release instead. “L’Isola delle Rose” (The Island of Roses) is a track that leans further into the somewhat darker poppy sound that he has been using lately while delivering lyrics about a relationship that ended recently.

Zdob și Zdub – “Să ne fie Bine și Frumos”

Zdob și Zdub fans such as I had been waiting on a new release by the Moldovan Eurovision legends for a while, and it is finally here! Their new release “Să ne fie Bine și Frumos” (Let us be good and beautiful) brings the familiar energetic mix of folk and rock we all love to hear from the band. In the YouTube description of the music video the band wishes everyone a year full of light and warmth, and promises a year of new music and concerts. Lots to look forward to then!

Brooke – “Come Alive”

Brooke is back for more with “Come Alive,” her first release since debut EP “Chaotic Heart” in September. The Irish singer has been keeping herself busy, as she also is competing on Dancing with the Stars Ireland. Her new song is another banging pop track on which Brooke asks that the person she sings to to make her come alive.

LPS – “Osem Korakov”

Get out the party poppers and start serving that last slice of pizza, because my 2022 winners have released a new song! “Osem Korakov” (Eight Steps) is a slower, moodier affair by the Slovenian band on which they experiment with their sound, including some alt- and indie-rock flairs. In the YouTube description, LPS describes the song as “[…] a story about being caught up in everyday life and distance from our loved ones, whether the distance is physical, mental, or due to time constraints. Despite the fact that it can be very difficult for us at certain moments, the end of the song tells us that better days are coming, which are worth waiting for”.

Michael Ben David – “שים גז”

Israel’s 2022 representative Michael Ben David has released new track “שים גז” (Add gas), a funky retro pop track in which he sings about a woman who found the strength to leave a bad situation. producer Asi Tal shares the songwriting credits of this song with prolific songrwiter Meital De Razon.

Ronnie Romero – “Raised on Heavy Radio” (LP)

The singer of Bulgaria’s 2022 entry has now finally released the album that he has been releasing singles for over the last few months.

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