🇱🇻 Sudden Lights release the acoustic version of “Aijā”

🇱🇻 Sudden Lights release the acoustic version of “Aijā”

As Eurovision rehearsals begin tomorrow, Sudden Lights release the acoustic version of “Aijā”.

“Jānis sēta is the place where the most soulful and romantic part of Riga begins.”

As rehearsals are near and near, Sudden Lights spend their time promoting the song. They have been meeting with the fans during events that has recently happened (Sudden Lights have taken part in Rimi’s wine festival last week, on wednesday they had a meet and greet with their fans in Akropole Riga and just last night they have been an opening act for Brainstorm’s concert in Palanga). They have now released a new version of their Eurovision song sang and performed live at Old Riga. As the members have told the latvian news site diena.lv, the area chosen for the video Jānis sēta, is “the place where the most souldful and romantic part of Riga begins”. That area is also the members’ favorite places in Riga.

Watch “Aijā (Official Acoustic Music Video)” here!

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Sudden Lights’ road to Eurovision

Sudden Lights formed all the way back in 2012. The band members include Andrejs, Mārtinš, Kārlis and Kārlis. The group released their first single “Tik savādi” back in 2015. It wasn’t until 2017 the group would go on to release an album which was entitled “Priekšpilsētas”. This isn’t the band’s first attempt at Supernova, they competed back in 2018 with the song “Just Fine” where they finished in second place. Their song Aijā is written by the band members themselves.

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News Source: Sudden Lights / diena.lt

Photo Credit: Sudden Lights

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