🇪🇪 Alika releases her new single “You”

🇪🇪 Alika releases her new single “You”

In the lead up to her participation at Eurovision 2023, Estonia’s Eurovision 2023 representative Alika has released her new single “You”, which is her first release since her Eurovision 2023 entry “Bridges”.

“You” is a present to Alika’s special person

Alika co-wrote her latest single alongside Frederik Küüts and Gevin Niglas, with the latter producing the song. Upon its released, Alika posted on social media on the creative process of the song, as well as showing a clip of when she showed the first demo to her special person.

This piece was written at home. I was alone and wanted to make a special birthday present for my special person. A song. I reached out to take something from the ground and accidentally pressed A note in the 2nd octave on my piano. A whole melody built up in my head and it was the moment when the song was already written

Listen to “You” on streaming platforms

You are able to listen to Alika’s latest single on the following streaming platforms:


Apple Music

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Alika’s Eurovision Journey so far

Alika was one of twenty artists selected to compete in Estonia’s national final Eesti Laul. She qualified in first place from the second semi-final, and then in the final placed first with the jury and televote to make the three-person superfinal. In the 100% televote superfinal, Alika placed first over Ollie and Bedwetters to win Eesti Laul and earn Estonia’s ticket to Eurovision 2023.

In the lead-up to Eurovision 2023, Alika made several stops in the Eurovision pre-party season, including the Polish Eurovision PartyPre-Party ESEurovision in Concert, and the London Eurovision Party.

On Tuesday, Alika performed on the Eurovision stage for her first rehearsal. You can find out more about her first rehearsal, and our thought’s on that here.

Who is Alika?

Alika has made her career by singing by participating in numerous talent shows, until she ended up winning “Eesti otsib superstaari” in 2021, where she ended up landing herself a record deal with Universal Music Group. Her first three singles (“Õnnenumber”, “Bon Appetit”, and “C’est La Vie”) have been released to success and have reached the top of the Estonian Radio Charts.

Alika’s Eurovision 2023 entry “Bridges” was co-written by Alika herself, alongside Nina Sampermans, as well as Wouter Hardy, who has worked on Duncan Laurence’s Eurovision entry in 2019 “Arcade”, which won the competition.

Estonia’s Eurovision Journey

Estonia has appeared at almost every Eurovision since their debut in 1994. They have won the contest once with Tanel Padar, Dave Benton and 2XL in 2001, singing Everybody. Other notable Estonian entrants include 3rd placer Sahlene with Runaway in 2002 and Ines with Once In A Lifetime in 2000, who placed 4th. More recently, their highest-placing entries have been Urban Symphony with Randajad in 2009 and Ott Lepland with Kuula in 2012, both of whom finished in 6th place. In 2022, they elected to send STEFAN through Eesti Laul to the contest with “Hope”. He successfully qualified for the final and finshed in 13th place with 141 points.

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Photo Credit: Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU

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