🏆 That Eurovision Jury 2023 Part Five

🏆 That Eurovision Jury 2023 Part Five

With the live shows for the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest starting tomorrow, we thought we’d have a little go at trying to make our own jury scores for this year’s contest.


The 37 countries competing this year have been randomly sorted into seven segments. Each segment will be voted on by 5 jurors. They have assessed based on six categories: Melodic Impact, Artist Presence, Individuality, Attention Drawing, Vocal Fit, and Lyrical Impact. Exact specifications of these criteria can be found below. Our five jurors have given a score of 1 to 5 on each of the six topics, allowing each juror to give a maximum of 30 points to each song. In total there are up to 150 points available to each song. Once every song and score has been presented a full breakdown with a ranking of all 37 of this year’s entries.

Additionally, all of our jurors were asked to give one positive, and one negative comment about each song in a constructive manner.

These are our personal opinions based on the criteria outlined. This is in no way attempt to accurately predict what will be the outcome of next week’s shows and should not be taken as such.

Countries And Jurors For Part Five

The five countries that make up the fifth segment being voted on are: Italy, The United Kingdom, Belgium, Portugal, and Czechia.

The jurors voting in this segment are: Helen, Angus, Isabelle, Janek as well as our guest juror Neil from Eurovoix.

Voting Criteria

Criteria 1: Melodic Impact

How lasting is the beat of the track. The more the beat stays, the higher the ranking.

Criteria 2: Artist’s Presence

If a national final is used, how their presence on stage affected the performance. If an internal selection was used, and no pre-party of other live footage is available then their presence is assessed based on their history.

Criteria 3: Individuality

How different is the song compared to the rest of the acts participating this year.

Criteria 4: Attention Drawing

How drawn in are you by the song. Are you waiting for it to finish, or completely engrossed.

Criteria 5: Vocal Fit

Assessing the vocal fit of the artist to the song rather than judging their technical ability in full. ie. X singer may have a wider range to Y singer, though singer Y may utilise the range better in their song and therefore should be ranked higher than X.

Criteria 6: Lyrical Impact

How lasting are the lyrics to you. Has listening to it left you singing the song.

The Results


Juror 1Juror 2 Juror 3 Juror 4Juror 5Totals
Melodic Impact3215314
Artist’s Presence53.525520.5
Attention Drawing3214.5414.5
Vocal Fit5415520
Lyrical Impact33.524.5316


Angus: Marco Mengoni performs the hell out of this song, and his voice is a good fit for the track

Janek: Marco Mengoni is one of the best performers this year. He is an out standing vocalist

Isabelle: Marco’s earnestness helps to sell the song in performance, and some of the lyrical images are poetic and poignant.

Neil; Marco could sing an instruction manual for a dishwasher and I would not be bored.

Helen: Marco has incredible stage presence and is able to deliver this live in multiple settings.


Angus: While Marco’s performance is powerful and unmistakably him, the song itself is not quite as unique or interesting

Janek: The song could come off as boring

Isabelle: This melody just won’t stay in my head, and I find it too repetitive, which in such a sentimental song is a bit exhausting. I actually find the progression of the melody and Marco’s (clearly accomplished) voice on it painful for reasons that I’m sure are completely subjective, but which prevent me from enjoying it.

Neil:  The Eurovision version of “Due vite” loses some of the grandiose epic sound from the original version.

Helen: This is a very good traditional Italian ballad, but it might feel a bit safe in a field of very out-there entries.

Marco Mengoni First Rehearsal
Image Credit: Sarah Louise Bennett
Marco Mengoni First Rehearsal Image Credit: Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU

The United Kingdom

Juror 1Juror 2Juror 3Juror 4 Juror 5 Totals
Melodic Impact53.524.5419
Artist’s Presence43143.515.5
Attention Drawing4324.5316.5
Vocal Fit4415418
Lyrical Impact43244.517.5


Angus: Mae is a good fit for this catchy tune, which is a strong combination of a good production and nice vocal

Janek: An amazing pop banger that could go further with the charts All around Europe

Isabelle: Love seeing the UK send something fun for the first time in years.

Neil: The song is the most British pop sounding song that the UK has sent to Eurovision in a while.

Helen: It has immediate impact; the chorus sticks in your head immediately on first listen.


Angus: This pop track feels like it could slide onto the playlist of almost any radio station, which is both a testament to its quality but also a strike against it as it just doesn’t stand out

Janek: I feel like the lyrics are not the Best especially the „instead i wrote a song” being the main premise of the whole song

Isabelle: The lyrics in the verses and the spoken word break feel like they could have used some polishing, and unfortunately Mae’s live performances aren’t living up to the energy and verve of the studio track. I’ve said it elsewhere, but if you’re pitching something this derivative, it needs to be delivered impeccably and with gusto.

Neil: The pre-chorus is so good that the chorus feels like a bit of a let down.

Helen: Juries may unfortunately deem this song structure too simple.

Mae Muller First Rehearsal
Image Credit: Corinne Cumming
Mae Muller First Rehearsal Image Credit: Corinne Cumming / EBU


Juror 1Juror 2 Juror 3 Juror 4Juror 5Totals
Melodic Impact4453.5420.5
Artist’s Presence44544.521.5
Attention Drawing33.554419.5
Vocal Fit54.554422.5
Lyrical Impact42.543417.5


Angus: Gustaph has the perfect voice for this kind of track, his vocal delivery is truly one of the standout and memorable moments of the song

Janek: The song stays In your head easily

Isabelle: Finally a FUN, well-executed Eurovision anthem to queer resilience, and from usually moody Belgium too! So refreshing. Gustaph has the voice and spirit to match the flamboyant energy of this ’90s diva house number, and it makes me SO HAPPY. Bags of charisma and character.

Neil: The message of the song is universal and everyone can take their personal own meaning from it. (I live in Belgium, so I am slightly biased.)

Helen: This song is authentically Gustaph and is one of the few uptempo bangers in the second semi-final, which will draw viewers in.


Angus: The focus in music like this tends to be more on the production than the lyrics, and this song is no exception

Janek: The song feels Rather cheap. The lyrics are ok

Isabelle: I don’t have a single bad thing to say about this entry.

Neil:  Because of the 90’s house sound, some may find this song dated.

Helen: The musical style might seem a bit dated to younger fans of the contest.

Gustaph First Rehearsal
Image Credit: Sarah Louise Bennett
Gustaph First Rehearsal Image Credit: Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU


Juror 1 Juror 2 Juror 3 Juror 4 Juror 5 Totals
Melodic Impact34.5354.520
Artist’s Presence5555424
Attention Drawing34.545420.5
Vocal Fit5455423
Lyrical Impact33.524.54.517.5


Angus: Mimicat is a Performer with a capital P, making this already pretty unique song truly something we haven’t seen or heard on the Eurovision stage

Janek: An out standing performer, very Portuguese and unique performance.

Isabelle: Mimicat’s live stage show is a feast for the senses and totally different from anything else at the contest this year. Her charm is infectious.

Neil: Mimicat’s vocals are always strong, even when she was sick during the semi-finals of Festival da Canção.

Helen: Mimicat sells the heck out of this performance and her energy is infectious


Angus: The lyrics are the least memorable element of this track

Janek: Could easily die In a crowd of much stronger songs.

Isabelle: Testament to what a fab song and performance this is really that it’s so enjoyable despite the lyrics being nothing special.

Neil; Portugal has had better results with slower songs, so this may reflect in the result in May.

Helen: As with most Portuguese entries, Europe may or may not be in the mood for this type of entry.

Mimicat First Rehearsal
Image Credit: Corinne Cumming
Mimicat First Rehearsal Image Credit: Corinne Cumming / EBU


Juror 1 Juror 2 Juror 3 Juror 4 Juror 5 Totals
Melodic Impact43.555421.5
Artist’s Presence32.535316.5
Attention Drawing5455423
Vocal Fit3445319
Lyrical Impact3444.5520.5


Angus: A strong lyrical message delivered well vocally in multiple languages is more than enough to keep everyone’s attention throughout the song

Janek: An amazing ode to the Slavic culture. The mix of languages is amazing and stands out a lot.

Isabelle: This blend of voices and musical styles is so satisfying, especially in that spine-chilling Ukrainian chorus. Bulgarian goes so hard as a rap language too. Just a joy to hear all these Slavic languages represented and combined in such a catchy song.

Neil: The mixture of languages feels smooth and adds to the song’s call for unity.

Helen: It’s high impact and carries a strong message that will resonate with viewers at home.


Angus Especially compared to the music video, the live performance lacks a bit of impact and doesn’t quite connect as much to the audience at home either

Janek: I fear for the live performance because it could go south very easily with a 6 member band

Isabelle: Some of the English lyrics are a touch unconvincing, and the stage show still hasn’t quite scaled the lofty peaks to rival the visuals and the chutzpah of the studio cut and music video.

Neil: The staging that we have seen so far doesn’t match with the vibes of the song.

Helen: With six members, the staging could run the risk of becoming too cluttered and messy.

Vesna First Rehearsal
Image Credit: Sarah Louise Bennett
Vesna First Rehearsal Image Credit: Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU

What do you think of our scores? Are there any countries you’d score differently? As always, let us know what you think by commenting below. Also, be sure to follow “That Eurovision Site” on FacebookInstagramTwitter and Tiktok as we cover the rehearsals of Eurovision 2023!

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