🇨🇾 Cyprus to hold a National Final for Eurovision 2024?

🇨🇾 Cyprus to hold a National Final for Eurovision 2024?

Following on from ERT’s complain to the EBU about Cyprus’ Eurovision selection being held on Greek soil, it was revealed that ‘Fame Story’ will not be used as the Cypriot selection, with reports saying that Cyprus might hold a selection to select its representative for Malmö.

Fame Story will not be used as Cyrpus’ Eurovision 2024 selection

At the time of writing the submissions for ‘Fame Story’ are still ongoing, and when we previously reported that the submissions page included a sentence that one of the prizes included is to be Cyprus’ representative at Eurovision. However, this has now been ommited as of the 19th of August. However, local media has reported that CyBC could potentially internally select the winner of the competition.

National Final in the works?

After ERT’s complaint to the EBU in regards to Cyprus’ selection taking place in Greek soil, the EBU seems to have introduced regulations to ensure that selections are being held in the participating broadcaster’s country:

The organisation of the national selection of each EBU member must not violate the exclusivity of the rights of the participants of the other participating broadcasters of the other countries. Each national selection of a representative for Eurovision should be undertaken and organised under the exclusive control of each participating broadcaster. The organisation and production may not be subcontracted, except with the prior approval of the EBU. The national selections must be organised and televised nationally in the participating broadcaster’s country and on the participating broadcaster’s own EBU member channel.

Since then, it was reported, that CyBC could potentially be holding a Televised National Final in Nicosia in January, with details to be revealed in the Autumn. At the time of writing, CyBC is yet to reveal how it intends to select its representative for Malmö.

Cyprus’ Eurovision journey

The Mediterranean nation made its debut in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1981, where Island participated with the song “Monika” and place 6th. Since then, Cyprus has participated 39 times (32 of which where they qualified for the Grand Final).

In 2023, CyBC internally selected Andrew Lambrou to represent them in Liverpool with the song “Break A Broken Heart”. During their participation in Liverpool, Andrew qualified for the final, before going on to finish in 12th place with a total of 126 points. The juries gave Cyprus 68 points, whilst the televote awarded Andrew 58 points.

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News Source: OGAE Cyprus, Eurovision Fun, iEidiseis

Photo Credit: Corinne Cumming/EBU

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