🇸🇪 Oscar Zia releases his new single “Tiotusen”

🇸🇪 Oscar Zia releases his new single “Tiotusen”

After his hosting stint in Melodifestivalen 2022, Oscar Zia has been fully focused on releasing new music. This time, he has released his new single “Tiotusen” ahead of the release of his new album.

About “Tiotusen”

Oscar co-wrote his latest release with Viktor Sjöström Jonathan Johansson, and Sebastian Atas, with the latter producing the single. Speaking about the release, Oscar mentioned that it was the first song written for his new album “Heartbreak Miljonär”

Tiotusen was the first song written for the record, when we wrote it it felt like I found the sound for the whole record. I was so curious to see how it would end when Cascada suddenly appeared as a reference. I was thrown back to my life’s first club nights during high school, Eurodisco and wine in a PET bottle in the city park in Lund

Speaking about “Heartbreak Miljonär” Oscar told more on what we can expect on the album:

There is a continuous pulse on the plate and the feeling that it is life and death. Either indescribably in love, or absolutely certain that it will end. Never full enough, all or nothing. I’ve had the idea for several years and periods that it should become a record, but it never happened. I’ve given up, started something else. This time I have completely followed my gut, determined that it will be done. The record sums up the last 10 years, my entire youth, and the beginning of my adult life. My head has been full of ghosts from the start, and I don’t know if I’ve become that much wiser, but in the next 10 years I’m going to stretch myself and think ‘damn, you did this well anyway’. Heartbreak Miljonär is my reminder that everything will be okay in the end

Oscar’s latest album “Heartbreak Miljonär”, is set to be release on October 13.

Listen to “Tiotusen” on streaming platforms

You are able to listen to Oscar’s latest single via the following streaming platforms:


Apple Music

Oscar Zia’s Melodifestivalen Journey

In 2014, Oscar Zia made his debut in Melodifestivalen when he participated in the competition with his entry “Yes We Can“, which ended up placing 8th overall. Two years later, Oscar returned to the competition wiht the song “Human”, which ended up winning the jury vote and placed as the runner-up.

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News Source: Sony Music Sweden

Photo Credit: Charlie Westin

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