🇸🇪 Agnetha Fältskog releases new single “Where Do We Go From Here”

🇸🇪 Agnetha Fältskog releases new single “Where Do We Go From Here”

It has been 10 years since ABBA’s Agnetha Fältskog released new solo music, and now the ABBA songstress has released a new single “Where Do We Go From Here”, which is Agnetha’s first release in 10 years.

Release of single comes ahead of release of reworked album

The release comes a month before Agnetha releases a reworked version of their album ‘A’, titled ‘A+’ which was originally released in 2013. The album comes about as the 10th year anniversary of the album approached and wondered what it would sound like if it was recorded today.

A couple of years ago I heard one of the songs from my latest album ‘A’ on the radio. I have a lot of great memories from recording that album, so I couldn’t help but smile, time flies… Suddenly it hit me, what would the record sound like if we made it today…? I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I reached out to the producers asking, “What would you say about remaking ‘A’ and doing a whole new version of the record? They loved the idea! ‘Let’s try!'”

Then when I heard the first reworked song, I had to to say I absolutely loved it! It sounded so fresh and modern, even better than I imagined! We named the album A+ and to top it off we even recorded a brand new song. And it’s the first you will hear from me. Now I look forward to hearing what you think about it! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Songwirter and Producer Jörgen Elofsson who worked on ‘A’ worked with Anton “Hybrid” Mårtensson on the reworked version of the album. They kept the vocals but created new musical producitions of the track. They have mentioned the following in regards to the rework:

When we made the album ‘A’ ten years ago, it was a bit of a reaction against EDM and the dance music that then dominated the pop world. We therefore did something that was exactly the opposite, arranger Peter Nordahl created timeless string arrangements. Now, when we instead dragged the songs into today’s music world, we were all surprised by how well it works. The songs have blossomed into the pop songs they are at their core. Anton, who wasn’t there last time, comes from a different generation and has played with completely different rhythms.”

Listen to “Where Do We Go From Here” on streaming platforms

You are able to listen to Agnetha latest single on the following streaming platforms:


Apple Music

You are also able to pre-save A+ on streaming platforms, as well as pre-order copies of the album right here

ABBA’s Eurovision Journey

Agnetha is mostly known for competing at Eurovision with ABBA Prior to the band’s participation at Eurovision 1974, the group participated at Melodifestivalen in 1973 with “Ring Ring“, which unfortunately failed to qualify. However, the group participated once again with “Waterloo” in 1974, which saw them take the win in Brighton

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News Source: Clap Your Hands

Photo Credit: Kicki Elofsson

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