🇸🇮 Joker Out release their new single “Sunny Side of London”

🇸🇮 Joker Out release their new single “Sunny Side of London”

After bringing Slovenia back to the final at Eurovision this year, Joker Out has now released their much anticipated single “Sunny Side of London”, which is their first release after their participation in Liverpool.

About “Sunny Side of London”

The band wrote their latest release, which was produced by Źarko Pak. Upon the release of the track, the band talked about more on what the song is about:

Sunny Side of London“ is a metaphor for a Joker Out concert. The concert venue is a place where the band and the fans can feel at peace and at home, a place that accepts everyone no matter the precise geographical location. London was decided as the location on the band’s first UK tour, where the singer songwriter’s first morning view through the window of the tour bus was the Westminster’s Palace covered in the golden sun. Conversely, the music video is also mostly taken from the bands sold out UK tour of the past summer and shows the incredible relationship they have with their fans.

To coincide with the release of the single, Joker Out has released the official music video for the entry which was shot during their tour in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, Dublin, Helsinki, Oslo, Turku, Stockholm, Ljubljana, Kočevje.

Listen to “Sunny Side of London” on streaming platforms

You are now able to listen to Joker Out’s latest single on the following streaming platforms:


Apple Music

Who are Joker Out?

Joker Out formed in 2016, originally consisting of Bojan Cvjetićanin, Martin Jurkovič, Matic Kovačič, Kris Guštin, and Jan Peteh. Drummer Kovačič was replaced by Jure Maček in 2021, and bassist Nace Jordan joined in 2022 following the departure of Jurkovič.

Their first album, Umazane Misli, was released in 2021, and was followed by Demoni in 2022. They were announced in December 2022 to be representing Slovenia at Eurovision 2023 as one of the first internal selections of the season. Their song, the Slovenian-language “Carpe Diem”, was an early fan favorite, and the band ultimately placed 21st in the Grand Final.

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