🇪🇪 Semi-Finalists of Eesti Laul 2024 revealed

🇪🇪 Semi-Finalists of Eesti Laul 2024 revealed

Today we continue to find out who will be participating in Estonia’s Eurovision 2024 selection Eesti Laul. Today the 15 semi-finalists competing in January 20 has been announced.

The Semi-Finalists of Eesti Laul 2024 are…

The semi-finalists competing at Eesti Laul 2024, and the name of their entries are as follows:

Ollie“My Friend”Oliver Mazurtšak
Sofia Rubina“Be Good”Jason Hunter, Robert Stanley Montes, Renae Rain
Ewert and The Two Dragons“Hold Me Now”Ewert Sundja, Erki Pärnoja, Ivo Etti, Kristjan Kallas
Multikas, Ewert Sundja“Oblivion”Joosep Järvesaar, Hugo Martin Maasikas, Ewert Sundja
Anet Vaikmaa“Serotoniin”Sven Lõhmus
5MIINUST x Puuliip“(nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) midagi”Põhja Korea, kohver, Lancelot, Päevakoer, Marko Veisson, Ramo Teder, Kim Wennerström
Yonna“I Don’t Know About You”Johanna Eendra, Jakob Kaarma, Semjon Greef
Silver Jusilo“Lately”Silver Jusilo, Markus Palo
Inga“No Dog on a Leash”Inga Tisler, Markus Palo
Peter Põder“Korra veel”Peter Põder
Antsud“Vetevaim”Aile Alvius, Antsud
Cecilia“FOMO”Cecilia-Martina Mägi, Sander Sadam, Liis Hainla.
Traffic“Wunderbar”Stig Rästa, Silver Laas
Ingmar“Dreaming”Ingmar Erik Kiviloo
Laura“Here’s Where I Draw the Line”Laura Põldvere, Johannes Lõhmus

The five finalists who have automatically qualified for the competition’s final, which is set to take place on February 17, will be revealed tomorrow (November 7) on Ringvaade. Eesti Laul 2024 will consist of two shows, with the semi-final will take place on January 20th, with the final taking place one month later on February 17th.

Estonia’s Eurovision Journey

Estonia has appeared at almost every Eurovision since their debut in 1994. They won the contest once with Tanel Padar, Dave Benton and 2XL in 2001, singing Everybody. Other notable Estonian entrants include 3rd placer Sahlene with Runaway in 2002 and Ines with Once In A Lifetime in 2000, who placed 4th. More recently, their highest-placing entries have been Urban Symphony with Rändajad in 2009 and Ott Lepland with Kuula in 2012, both of which finished in 6th place.

In 2023, Estonia elected to send Alika through Eesti Laul to the Contest with “Bridges”. She successfully qualified for the final and finished in 8th place with 168 points. Alika finished with 146 points from the juries and an additional 22 points from the televote.

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