🇺🇦 TES Preview: Pink, floral and joyful for Anastasia’s first rehearsal

🇺🇦 TES Preview: Pink, floral and joyful for Anastasia’s first rehearsal

Today rehearsals for Junior Eurovision 2023 kicked off in Nice. Countries rehearsing on Day 1 include Ukraine, North Macedonia, Germany, Estonia, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Malta, Portugal, Georgia and Armenia. The first country to start rehearsals today is Ukraine’s Anastasia Dymyd

What did we learn about Anastasia’s staging?

Disclaimer: Please note that the EBU has not released footage from the first rehearsals, and that the description detailed in this article is mainly based from the pictures and if available footage from the delegations themselves.

🇺🇦 Ukraine / Anastasia Dymyd will perform Kvitka at Junior Eurovision 2023; these photos are from their First Rehearsal in Palais Nikaïa, Nice.
Anastasia Dymyd’s first rehearsal in Nice
Photo Credit: Corinne Cumming/ EBU

Anastasia Dymyd appears on stage with four backing dancers, two in pink and two in gold. She herself is wearing a pink dress, with a red heart-shaped necklace over her chest. The background moves through dark red and black palette, with black birds flying overhead, to a cartoon face expressing the emotion of the song, and finishing with flower motifs and Ukrainian folk patterns

If you are interested in seeing more pictures from Anastasia’s first rehearsal today, you can look through them right here.

Who is Anastasia Dymyd?

Fourth grader Anastasia Dymyd hails from Hoshiv, in the Ivano-Franivsk area of Ukraine. Anastasia may be young however has already won award for her talent. Earlier on this year Anastasia won an award for the “Best Modern Folk Performance” at the Black Sea Games.

Anastasia was chosen to represent Ukraine at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2023 following via a national final. Anastasia will represent Ukraine with the song “Kvitka”.

Ukraine’s Junior Eurovision Journey

In 2006, Ukraine made their debut to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, with Nazar Slyusarchuk and the song “Khlopchyk Rock ‘n’ Roll” (Хлопчик рок ‘н’ ролл), which placed 9th. Since their debut, the Eastern European nation has participated 16 times, and even won once in 2012 with Anastasiya Petryk and her song “Nebo” (Небо).

In 2022, Ukraine selected its representative through a national final, where Zlata Dziunka won the right to represent the nation with “Nezlamna”, which managed to place 9th receiving 111 points from the jury and online vote.

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News Source: EBU

Photo Credit: Corinne Cumming/EBU

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