TES In Depth: Latvia’s Samanta Tina with ‘The Moon is Rising’

TES In Depth: Latvia’s Samanta Tina with ‘The Moon is Rising’

We only have three songs left to review for the second semi final of Eurovision 2021. Our next review comes from Latvia, who will be represented by Samanta Tina. Samanta will sing ‘The Moon Is Rising’ at Eurovision 2021. To hear our review on Samanta’s song then please watch our video below:

A look into Samanta Tina’s career

Prior to winning the Latvian national final Supernova in 2020, Samanta had tried to represent her country five times since 2011. Samanta had also attempted to represent Lithuania at Eurovision three times between 2012 and 2014. Having finally won Supernova for Latvia in 2020 with ‘Still Breathing’ the Eurovision Song Contest was then cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It was no surprise Samanta was invited back this year having shows such an eagerness to participate at the contest.

Our opinions on ‘The Moon Is Rising’


Opinion: I personally love this song. This song is quite different to anything we have really seen in the contest before. I really like how empowering the song comes across and I am sure the staging will be amazing. I really love Samanta’s story of perseverance when it comes to getting herself on the Eurovision stage after so many attempts i would be really sad to not see her in the final.

Overall Ranking: 12th

Prediction: 8th-12th in the semi final, 15th-20th in the final if it qualifies.


Opinion: If you were to compare both “Still Breathing” and “The Moon Is Rising” to the other style of songs that Samanta Tina tried to go to Eurovision with, you wouldn’t think they were the same person. I love this – it’s gritty and edgy, but still oh so sophisticated! Samanta’s vocals are out of this world – easily some of the best female vocals this year. The production is incredibly progressive and experimental, that it could almost be a hindrance for Latvia. However, if they were to stage this song right, I could easily see this getting a left-hand result on the scoreboard. I hope the public don’t underrate Latvia, as this could easily lose votes from the jury, but it could go either way.

Overall Ranking: 14th

Prediction: 6th-11th in the semi-final. 13th-17th in the final.


Opinion: I’m very glad I got to hear this after Still Breathing, as I do feel like Samanta’s style can take a bit of getting used to. It’s chaotic and experimental and a little jarring, and having some exposure to that before The Moon Is Rising definitely helped me to like the song from the offset. Samanta’s voice is particularly great, and her control is truly fantastic with music that is so complex. My biggest worry for this is how it will be staged, since so much of its power comes from the visuals in the music video and the live performances we’ve seen of it, which very much do not comply with the six-people-on-stage rule. If they can translate that grand, feminine, celebratory staging to the limitations of the Eurovision setting, this could do very well indeed.

Overall Ranking: 13th

Prediction: 4th-11th in the semi-final (it really could go either way!) with a mid-table finish in the final; lower left-hand side or upper right-hand side.

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Photo Credit: LTV/ Artūrs Martinovs

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