TES Recaps: Eurovision 2021 second day of rehearsals!

TES Recaps: Eurovision 2021 second day of rehearsals!

Today we saw rehearsals from the final 9 acts in semi final one of Eurovision 2021! Cyprus, Norway, Croatia, Belgium Israel, Romania, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Malta all took to the stage in Rotterdam.

What did we think of today’s events

Who were our highlights of the day?

We all seemed to unanimously agree Belgium was a highlight of the day. We loved the darkness of the staging and we loved the quieter energy this seems to have amongst all the madness that is the second half. Rosie also highlighted Ukraine as a highlight stating that Kateryna was vocally on point throughout! She thought the performance was quite cult like but in the best way possible. We agreed any doubts we had about Ukraine qualifying have gone away.

What was our lowlight of the day?

Our lowlight of the day we agreed was Romania, we felts vocally it wasn’t the best, and hope this improves in the other run thoughs she does. Rosie also noted how the dance moves felt a little bit high school drama lesson like and was hoping their was some tweaking to make it look more slick. Rory also commented on how the dance moves may of been the reason towards the end Roxen sounded a little breathless. Rory spoke about Israel’s Eden as well, he felt she was a little off in the lead up to the whistle note, and ow it just left him a bit cold, he is hoping there are some small tweaks to the staging.

What was our favourite moment of the day?

Jazzi spoke about how her favourite moment was when TIX spoke quite honestly about his feelings and his participation at his press conference, she also liked how he seemed supportive of the other artists singing parts of Elena Albina and Efendi’s songs throughout the day. Rosie’s highlight was Albina’s press conference when she confessed to being a bit of a Eurovision nerd and going on to sing part of Loreen’s ‘Euphoria’. Rory said his favourite part was when Uku Suviste the Estonian representative seemed to join the online chat during Israel’s rehearsal and seemed to help a member with a difficulty they were having.

We will be bringing you further coverage of all the Eurovision Rehearsals and press conferences! We will be giving you live updates everyday on our Twitter account right up until the final. We will also continue giving you daily evening recaps over on our Youtube channel!

What do you think of the second day of rehearsals? Who stood out to you? Let us know in the comments below or at social media. Don’t forget to follow ‘THAT Eurovision Site’ over at FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Photo Source: EBU/ Thomas Hanses

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