🇸🇲 TES Reviews: Senhit brings the colour for San Marino

🇸🇲 TES Reviews: Senhit brings the colour for San Marino

The first act rehearsing today is San Marino, who will be represented by Senhit in this year’s competition with her entry ‘Adrenalina’.

What did we think of the rehearsal?

The performance starts with Senhit stood in the middle of the stage wearing a large, tall, golden shrine to the Virgin Mary around her head. She sings the first half of the verse with this shrine on until four masked dancers join her on stage to take it off. She then lies down a diamond moving platform – similar to that in her music video – and delivers the song. The background uses shots of her music video with some extra graphics of primary colours, some with the title of the song on top. She stays on the moving platform until roughly halfway through the song, when the back of the stage opens and a male rapper (possibly a stand in for Flo Rida) appears.

Senhit and the male rapper walk along the catwalk to the the B-stage while the rapper delivers his portion, with additional adlibs from Senhit. The final chorus sees Senhit do some choreography with the dancers with pyro on the small stage, while the rapper stays in the background.

Now what did our team think of San Marino’s rehearsal?

Jazzi: This was better vocally than I was expecting, the neon colours and the video on the background were almost what I was expecting on the backdrop! It really brings out the summer vibes and I think locals will eat this up. Am hoping the rapper is a stand in but I would completely understand! I am a little unsure about whether the dress reveal at the start is necessary. I think this is a safe qualifier I’d be shocked if we didn’t see this on Saturday night!

Rory: San Marino’s staging had concerned a bit – mostly because it was a fan favourite and that can add pressure, which could ruin the staging. However, this performance looked sleek and polished, with very few slip-ups. I was immediately struck by the iconography on Senhit’s head and I think a lot of other people will also be taken aback. But this is a fantastic opener, and I am so ready to see what they bring….and if Flo Rida actually turns up!

Rosie: Senhit certainly isn’t skimping on anything here! She’s bringing energy in buckets, and it’s a fantastic start for semi final two for that alone. Saying that, the rest of it is also excellent. It’s eclectic, stylish, colourful, bizarre, and something about it works for me, because she sells it from the get-go. Her vocals are sounding great as well. The Flo Rida mystery remains unsolved, but I don’t care. It’s looking great, and San Marino definitely have an entry they can be proud of here.

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News Source Credit: EBU/That Eurovision Site

Photo Credit: Fabrizio Cestari

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