๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ฎ TES Reviews: A rocking rehearsal for Blind Channel

๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ฎ TES Reviews: A rocking rehearsal for Blind Channel

Up next today is Finland, who are being represented by Blind Channel. Blind Channel will be singing the song ‘Dark Side’ in this year’s competition.

What did we make of Finland’s rehearsal?

It starts with red lighting and you can see the members hanging upside down on the LED wall, going into the first verse the colouring then changes to blue to give a more ominous dark feel. There is a lot of focus on the guitarists and they hit most of their shots really well, always looking into the camera etc. This stage show feels a lot like their UMK one did but slicker and more fit for the big stage. The singers sounded fine throughout although could still be holding back simply to save themselves for Thursday as the ending screams are not easy to pull off every time.

It has to be noted the band members are quite spread across the stage the two guitarists are on the bridges of the stage this allows for alot of nice individual camera shots of the members. We did get a lot of pyro and smoke in the climax of the last rehearsal.

Rory: There’s no denying that rock is not my cup of tea as a musical genre. However, Blind Channel do this genre well and I think it’s a very hard-hitting performance, especially after Bulgaria. The red works really effectively to give off that anarchist vibe they exude too. This could be a qualifier, but I also think it would be in the bottom 3 of those qualifiers.

Jazzi: Without the ring this is pretty similar to their UMK performance, however with more focus on the guitarists and keyboardist than before! the red and blue lighting really gives a menacing feel to this! you can really tell Blind Channel are loving every moment on that stage. I still feel nervous about how the jury will take to this however it is cleaner and slicker than the UMK performance so I think it will still get enough support to make it to the final. This is rock it is fun and everyone will be head-banging come Thursday night.

Rosie: This is yet another example of “don’t fix what ain’t broke”. Blind Channel have taken the UMK staging, made it slightly more slick and polished (plus a fun middle finger gag in the costumes) and rolled with it, and it works. The singers are full of energy, they’re sounding fantastic and it’s a rock show through and through. If you like rock (or “violent pop”, as they call it), you’ll probably enjoy this. I fully expect to see this make the final.

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News Source: EBU/ That Eurovision Site

Photo Source: YLE/ Mona Salminen

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