🇺🇸 Washington’s Allen Stone is the jury qualifier from show 4 of the American Song Contest

🇺🇸 Washington’s Allen Stone is the jury qualifier from show 4 of the American Song Contest

Tonight, the American Song Contest continued with the fourth of five qualifying rounds. The show saw a batch of eleven new artists debut their songs and compete for a spot in a semi final. While the fate of ten are still to be decided, we now know that Allen Stone is the jury’s choice to advance to the semi-finals.

Round 4 Results

Running OrderStateArtistSongJury Rank Result
1New HampshireMARi“Fly”8thTBD
2NevadaThe Crystal
“Watch Me Now”3rdTBD
3UtahSavannah Keyes“Sad Girl”7thTBD
4Washington D.C.NËITHER“I Like It”11thTBD
5MassachusettsJared Lee“Shameless”2ndTBD
6GeorgiaStella Cole“DIY”6thTBD
7HawaiiBronson Varde“4 You”9thTBD
8West VirginiaAlexis Cunningham“Working on a Miracle”5thTBD
9ArizonaLas Marias“De La Finkera”10thTBD
10PennsylvaniaBri Steves“Plenty Love”4thTBD
11WashingtonAllen Stone“A Bit of Both”1stQualifier

With this, Alan Stone advances to one of the two semi-finals on April 25 & May 2. The fate of the other ten artists will be revealed at the beginning of next week’s show when the next three qualifiers are announced. The televoting is still open and will close at 7AM ET/12PM CET Wednesday 13 April.

Week 3 televote results

Additionally, at the top of the show, we learned the next three artists who advanced from last week’s episode.

ROStateArtistSongJury RankFinal
1TexasGrant Knoche“MR. INDEPENDANT”4th4th
2LouisianaBrittany Pfantz“Now You Do”8th9th
3Tennessee Tyler Braden“Seventeen”1st 1st
4New JerseyBrooke Alexx“I Don’t Take Pictures”5th7th
5AlabamaNi/Co“The Difference”3rd3rd
6FloridaAle Zabala“Flirt”2nd6th
7AlaskaJewel“The Story”9th5th
8South CarolinaJesse LeProtti“Not Alone”12th12th
9South DakotaJudd Hoos“Bad Girl”11th11th
10DelawareNitro Nitra“Train”7th8th
11North Mariana IslandsSabyu“Sunsets and Seaturtles”10th10th
12ColoradoRiker Lynch“Feel The Love”6th2nd

This means that Riker Lynch, Ni/Co, and Grant Knoche are moving on to one of the semi-finals on April 25 & May 2.

How the American Song Contest works

The inaugural American Song Contest takes place at NBC Universal lot. Kelly Clarkson and Snoop Dogg are the hosts of all 8 shows. 56 artists from across the country will compete over weeks to win the title of “Best Original Song”. These eight weeks are split up into three rounds. There are 5 “Qualifying Rounds”, 2 “Semi-Finals” and one “Grand Final.”

The first five weeks are the qualifying rounds (March 21, 28, April 4, 11, 18) and see 11 artists compete (with one round of 12) for 4 slots in the Semi-Final. At the end of each night, the jury chooses one artist to advance to the semi finals while the fans vote over the next day. The remaining 3 slots are announced at the beginning of the following week’s show.

The two semi-finals (April 25 & May 2) see 22 artists compete for a slot in the Grand Final. There are 2 semis of 11 artists, with the 11th artist being a “redemption” song chosen by NBC. The jury’s choice is announced at the end of the show, and the remaining 4 slots being are announced later. Just like the qualifiers, the remaining slots are decided through a combined jury-televote.

The Grand Final sees 10 artists perform one final time to win the the votes of the jury and America. The results of the Final are live. At the end, a winner will be crowned.

How can you vote?

There are 3 ways to vote.

  1. The NBC website
  2. The NBC app
  3. TikTok

You can give out 10 votes per platform for a max of 30 votes. You can find more information about voting on NBC’s website.

Where can you watch

The exclusive place to watch it live will be on NBC which requires a US cable subscription. However, the shows will be available the next day on Peacock, NBC’s streaming service. Furthermore, some non-US broadcasters have acquired the rights and will stream it a couple of days after it is live. You can find a list of some of them here.

More about the American Song Contest

The executive producers of the American Song Contest Audrey Morrissey, Anders Lenhoff, Christer Björkman, Peter Settman, Ola Melzig, and Gregory Lipstone alongside Propagate’s Ben Silverman and Howard T. Owens. The competition is produced by Propagate in association with Universal Television Alternative Studio, a division of Universal Studio Group.

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News Source: NBCUniversal

Photo Source: NBCUniversal

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