🇷🇺 Little Big release anti-war “Generation Cancellation”

🇷🇺 Little Big release anti-war “Generation Cancellation”

Russia’s intended artist for Eurovision 2020, Little Big, have released a new song criticising the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Little Big problems in Russia

The song – entitled “Generation Cancellation” – is a pop-rock number that addresses issues such as restrictions on freedom of expression. The song also brings about the hope for change, as lead singer Ilya says “My generation is the new civilsation”.

However, the music video for the song makes the lyrical themes uniquely explicit. Throughout the video, the viewer sees leaders abusing their power to the detriment of ordinary citizens. Interspersed throughout are also elements of propaganda (via media and even the leader himself) being fed to people, both young and old. At times we also see the members of Little Big with their mouths sewn shut, or playing instruments in a room full of CCTV cameras. The final shot sees the lead singers Ilya and Sonya naked depicting Adam and Eve.

Fleeing the country

Little Big are not the first artist to speak out against the Russian government’s invasion of Ukraine. When the invasion began in late February, the band were one of the first major artists to condemn the Kremlin’s actions. Soon, other artists including Manizha, who represented Russia in 2021, showed their disagreement with the actions of the government.

However, following their vocal criticism of the war, the band no longer felt safe in Russia. The band have now relocated to Los Angeles, though it is not known how long they have been there for.

Speaking via a press release to Russian media outlet Meduza, lead singer Ilya Prusikin said:

We adore our country, but we completely disagree with the war in Ukraine. Moreover, we believe that any war is unacceptable. We condemn the actions of the Russian government, and we are so disgusted by the Russian military propaganda machine that we decided to drop everything and leave the country.

Ilya Prusikin, lead singer of Little Big

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Little Big’s Eurovision journey

Little Big were due to represent Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. One of the final artists to be revealed, the band were to sing their rave-pop effort “UNO” – with lyrics in English and Spanish. However, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Contest was cancelled. Little Big were offered the opportunity to return for Russia in 2021, but refused – not wanting to build unrealistic expectations.

Despite not formally taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest, their song for Rotterdam, “UNO”, is the most viewed video on the Eurovision Youtube channel. As of June 2022, the video has over 243 million views.

What do you think of “Generation Cancellation”? Were Little Big right to leave the country? Will you continue to listen to their music? As always, let us know what you think by commenting below. Also, be sure to follow “That Eurovision Site” on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for all things from Eurovision artists!

News Source: Little Big / Meduza.io

Photo Credit: Little Big

2 thoughts on “🇷🇺 Little Big release anti-war “Generation Cancellation”

  1. I was invited by Alina Pasok, Ilia Prusikin and team to portray the “fake news” anchorman in the latest music video by Little Big. “Generation Cancellation” is a profound and sentimental anti-war crusade. The anchorman is sh*tting propaganda into the minds of citizens. Only by watching the music video will you fully understand the genius of Little Big’s vision. Little Big applies metaphors in extraordinary ways to shock the conscience and bring clarity to gravely important social issues such as the Russo-Ukranian War. My greatest problems in life pale by comparison to the human pain and suffering going on in Ukraine. Americans won the lottery just to be born here and not have to cope with such atrocities.
    From the moment I walked onto the set of “Generation Cancellation”, I realized that everyone involved with Little Big is deeply dedicated to bring forward a message of concern and call for resolution and peace. I am honored to have been asked to work with Little Big and their team. I was naked from the waist down and wore a little patch to cover my jewels. The costume assistant Ksenia Sharonova assisted me with my outfit and whispered to me just before the first take, “You’ll be remembering this for a very long time!” I’m not shy about my body, I was in the Navy and we had zero privacy. With hope, things will resolve and the world will come together in peace. I have committed 10% of my time and 10% of my money to helping people in need. I hope others will make a similar commitment. There is no justification for the death of the innocent and I celebrate Little Big and their message with “Generation Cancellation.” – Christopher Matthew Spencer

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