🎶 Eurovision music round-up: June 2022

🎶 Eurovision music round-up: June 2022

Welcome to the TES music round-up! This is the first edition of something we hope to make a regular monthly (weekly? Yearly?) series, in which we catch you up on new releases from Eurovision artists. After Eurovision last month, artists from this year and before have been very busy releasing new music. In this edition: multiple broken relationships, a movie soundtrack, and Conchita on the catwalk.

The 2022 entries

Blanco – Nostalgia

Blanco, who was one half of the duo representing Italy this year, has released his first post-Eurovision song. “Nostalgia” is a modern pop-punkesque song driven forward by a strong bassline and Blanco’s typical powerful delivery. The track, which is about Blanco feeling nostalgic for a former lover, has been a commercial success, hitting the number 2 spot on the Italian charts.

Gabry Ponte, LUM!X and Daddy DJ – We Could Be Together

On the topic of halves of Eurovision duos: Austrian 2022 representative LUM!X has released his new track. It also is his first post-Eurovision release. “We Could Be Together” sees him working with Italian DJ Gabry Ponte and French dance act Daddy DJ. The song is a summery party song powered by a pulsing beat. Fans of DaðiFreyr might recognize the singer on the track. ÁSDÍS, who collaborated with Daði on his song “Feel The Love,” is the uncredited vocalist for the track.

PIA MARIA – I Know U Know

The other half of the 2022 Austrian duo also has released new music. PIA MARIA’s new single “I Know U Know” is a dark pop track written by Billy Locket, Felix Brunhuber, and Florian Fellier. The accompanying music video is directed by Vesely Marek.

The Rasmus – Rise

Finnish rockers The Rasmus have released the title track of their upcoming album. “Rise” is written by Desmond Child and The Rasmus’ singer Lauri Ylönen, just like “Jezebel”. The alt-rock song calls for the listener to “rise up” and keep going in the face of loneliness and adversity.

STEFAN – Miraaž

Stefan is back from the wild west and is now in the 80s. His new song “Miraaž” sees him singing in Estonian over glittery synths in this retro pop track. This is not Stefan’s first Estonian-language release. In 2021 he sang with Eesti Laul 2017 finalist Liis Lemsalu on the track “Doomino”. On Miraaž, which means Mirage in English, Stefan tells his love to “Don’t let go of me / Or I’ll disappear like desert sand”. The track is written by STEFAN and Sven Lõhmus, who Eurovision fans will recognize as the man behind Estonian entries such as “Rändajad” and “Verona”.

Malik Harris – you & i

German representative Malik Harris has released his first song since Eurovision. Malik teams up again with the people who co-wrote “Rockstars” for his new single “you & i”. The relaxed sounding track is about Malik coming to terms with a long-running relationship coming to an end.

MatoLale X Ronela Hajati – Papi Chulo

Ronela’s first release since Eurovision is her feature on a new track by fellow Albanian artist MatoLale. “Papi Chulo” Ronela joins the track for the chorus and the third verse. Ronela and MatoLale have worked together before, releasing the track “GIPS” earlier this year. “Papi Chulo” is produced by Edlir Begolli.

Mia Dimšić – Stuck on You

Mia Dimšić has released her latest single “Stuck On You”. The new track sees Mia experiment with her sound, going into a retro-indie direction. “Stuck On You” is set to be part of a compilation album featuring Mia and other artists. The album, “Plan B vol. 2” is a follow up to “Plan B vol. 1” which featured music from Eurovision 2019 jury winner Tamara Todevska and others.

Andrea – Heartbreak

Andrea is also among the Eurovision 2022 artists to release new music. Her new single, “Heartbreak,” sees her work again with Aleksandar Masevski, who also was the producer and composer of “Circles”. A upbeat song with downbeat lyrics, “Heartbreak” is about Andrea feeling and fearing that her partner no longer loves her.

Vladana – Prevarena

Montenegrin singer Vladana has released her first song since releasing her Eurovision track “Breathe” in Finnish. The song is a sad track about a cheating partner. The track has only been released on streaming services for now but a music video is in the works.

MARO – like we’re wired

Portuguese singer-songwriter MARO is gearing up to releasing her first album since her 2018 release “it’s OK” with new single “like we’re wired”. You can read our article about the new track and the accompanying EP here.

Amanda Tenfjord – All in

Amanda Tenfjord, the Greek-Norwegian singer-songwriter who represented Greece at Eurovision, has released the single “All in,” which sees her experiment with a more pop sound. Click here to find out more about the new track and Amanda’s touring dates.

Citi Zēni – Lieka Štuka

Latvia’s biggest salad lovers Citi Zēni released new track Lieka Štuka. You can read more about the song and Citi Zēni’s decision to try a new musical style here.

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