๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ธ Pre-Party ES 2023 to take place on April 7-8

๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ธ Pre-Party ES 2023 to take place on April 7-8

We don’t even have a host city for Eurovision 2023 yet, but it’s already full steam ahead in terms of Pre-Parties, as Eurovision-Spain has announced that the 7th edition of Pre-PartyES will take place on April 7-8. This will be the second pre-party confirmed after Eurovision in Concert (which will take place on April 15).

Tickets to go on sale this summer

Upon its announcement, Eurovision-Spain has confirmed that tickets will go on sale throughout the summer, with individual and weekend packs being available. There will be several waves with discounts for those who purchase their tickets early.

Pre-Party ES 2022

About the Pre-Party: The Spanish Pre-Party in the capital of Spain will once again host the pre-party. The organizers of the event invite all of the participating countries and welcome all the interested participants with open arms to perform for the Spanish public.

Acts: For the 2022 Welcome Pre-Party ES on the Friday the performers were Melani Garcia (Spain 2019, Junior Eurovision)Blanca Paloma (Benidorm Fest 2022)Sara Deop (Benidorm Fest 2022)XEINN (Benidorm Fest 2022)Marta Sango (Benidorm Fest 2022)VICTORIA (Bulgaria, 2020 & 2021) Aidan (MESC 2022)The Roop (Lithuania 2020 & 2021)Luna Ki (Benidorm Fest 2022)Azรบcar Moreno (Spain 1990, Benidorm Fest 2022)Senhit (San Marino 2011, 2020, 2021), Levi Diaz (2021, Junior Eurovision), as well as a surprise appearance from Chanel (Spain 2022)

For the Pre-Party on Saturday night the performing acts were Ronela Hajati (Albania, 2022)Brooke (Ireland, 2022)Tanxugueiras (Benidorm Fest 2022)Rayden (Benidorm Fest 2022)Jรฉrรฉmie Makiese (Belgium 2022)Krystian Ochman (Poland 2022)We Are Domi (Czech Republic 2022)Vladana Vuฤiniฤ‡ (Montenegro 2022)Mia Dimลกiฤ‡ (Croatia 2022)Citi Zฤ“ni (Latvia 2022)Konstrakta (Serbia 2022), Monika Liu (Lithuania 2022)WRS (Romania 2022)The Rasmus (Finland 2022)Emma Muscat (Malta 2022)Stefan (Estonia 2022)Malik Harris (Germany 2022)Andrea (North Macedonia 2022)Jamala (Ukraine 2016) Nadir Rustamli (Azerbaijan 2022)Subwoolfer (Norway 2022)Alvan & Ahez (France 2022)Systur (Iceland 2022)Sam Ryder (United Kingdom 2022)Circus Mircus (Georgia 2022)Anabel Conde (Spain 1995)Zdob ลŸi Zdub & Fraลฃii Advahov (Moldova 2022)Cornelia Jakobs (Sweden 2022)Ruth Lorenzo (Spain 2014)REDDI (Denmark 2022)Marius Bear (Switzerland 2022), Kalush Orchestra (Ukraine 2022), Rosa Linn (Armenia 2022), Andromache (Cyprus 2022 – Virtually) Sheldon Riley (Australia 2022 – Virtually).

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News Source: Eurovision-Spain.com

Photo Credit: Rocรญo Muรฑoz / รlvaro de las Heras / CMeira Photography

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