🇬🇷 Evangelia to submit songs for the next year’s Eurovision Song Contest

🇬🇷 Evangelia to submit songs for the next year’s Eurovision Song Contest

With just more than a month left to September, we see more and more artists coming out with their wish to represent their country in Eurovision 2023. One of them is known to eurofans young greek superstar Evangelia.

Who exactly is Evangelia?

Evangelia was born on Crete but grew up in New Jersey, USA. She became famous with her unique sound of music. She is known for mixing the traditional greek sound with your typical pop sound. Her debut single “Páme Páme” reaches at the time of writing the article 1,9 mln views but she gained fame after releasing “Fotiá” which reaches almost 3 mln views. She even released a duet version with Eleni Foureira, who a few months ago mentioned Evangelia as one of her choices to see represent Greece or Cyprus in the contest.

Evangelia is eager to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest!

Eurofans could remember Evangelia from the 2022 National Selection season. She submitted three songs for both Greece and Cyprus. One of them being lately released “Ónira”. Despite the fact that her songs weren’t picked, Evangelia doesn’t lose faith. In an interview with Adam Kevaz that has happened on the artist’s personal Instagram, she revealed that representing Greece or Cyprus in the contest is one of her dreams and she will for sure submit songs for the 2023’s contest.

Greece’s Eurovision Journey

In 1974, Greece made its debut to the Eurovision Song Contest with “Krasi, thalassa ke t’agori mou” (Κρασί, θάλασσα και τ’αγόρι μου) which placed 11th. Since then they have participated on 42 occasions (40 of which made the Grand Final), and have won once in 2005.

Greece’s most recent Eurovision participation saw them being represented by Amanda Tenfjord with the song “Die Together”, which saw Greece qualify for the Grand Final, where they placed 8th, after receiving 215 points from the Jury and Televoters.

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News Source: Adam Kevaz

Photo Credit: STOLAR music

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