🇱🇮 Liechtenstein’s broadcaster 1 FL TV rules out applying for EBU membership

🇱🇮 Liechtenstein’s broadcaster 1 FL TV rules out applying for EBU membership

Liechtenstein is one of few countries within Europe that have never competed in the Eurovision Song Contest in its 66-year history. It looks like that stance is not about to change any time soon as local broadcaster 1FLTV has announced they will not be applying for EBU membership.

1 FLTV rule out participation

Broadcaster 1FLTV’s managing director was reached out to by Eurovision media Eurovoix in regards to a potential Eurovision participation! To do this the broadcaster – which was formed in 2008 with a long-term plan to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest would have to join the European Broadcasting Union. Unfortunately, this may not be the goal for the broadcaster anymore as managing directors Sandra Woldt gave Eurovoix the following statement:

“We are no longer pursuing this goal, we are concentrating on our reporting in and for Liechtenstein”

Sandra Woldt on joining the EBU!

Liechtenstein’s brief history with Eurovision

Despite not having a broadcaster at the time Liechtenstein has attempted to participate in Eurovision once before. In 1976 they attempted to take part in the contest with the song “Little Cowboy” sung by Biggi Bachman, however, they were not allowed to take part due to not having a broadcaster to participate under.

Liechtenstein is the only European country as well as Kosovo and the Vatican City to have never participated in the Eurovision Song Contest.

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News Source: 1FLTV/Eurovoix

Photo Credit: Planetware

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