🇬🇧 Glasgow and Liverpool remains shortlisted to host Eurovision 2023

🇬🇧 Glasgow and Liverpool remains shortlisted to host Eurovision 2023

Today, we received further information about the hosting of the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest. This afternoon the BBC revealed the two cities still in contention to host next year’s competition, Glasgow and Liverpool.

Seven cities were shortlisted for next year’s competition

20 cities in total submitted expressions of interest! All expressions of interest involved discussions of how Ukrainian influences would be incorporated into their hosting. The seven cities that were in the running were:

Decision to be made within weeks

After the reveal of Glasgow and Liverpool as the remaining contenders, Phil Harrold, the chair of the BBC’s Host City Selection Committee had the following to say about the process so far:

Thanks to all seven cities across the UK who have demonstrated the enthusiasm and passion for Eurovision that exists right across the UK. We were incredibly impressed by the quality and creativity of all the city bids, in what was a highly competitive field. The Eurovision Song Contest is a very complex event and Liverpool and Glasgow have the strongest overall offer; we will continue our discussions with them to determine the eventual host city.

“We are determined to make the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest one that both reflects the winning position of Ukraine and is also an event that all of the UK can participate in.”

Whilst the EBU’s Executive Supervisor Martin Österdahl had the following to say:

‘The EBU (European Broadcasting Union) would like to warmly thank all the 7 British cities that put so much effort and enthusiasm into their bids to host next year’s Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of Ukraine. We very much appreciate their cooperation and the quality and creativity of all the bids received.

The Eurovision Song Contest is the most complex TV production in the world with very specific logistical requirements to accommodate around 40 delegations and thousands of crew, volunteers, press and fans.

We’re confident our final two cities are the best placed to meet this challenge and look forward to continuing our discussions to choose the one which will stage the world’s largest music event next May.’

The BBC will now be entering further discussions with Glasgow and Liverpool with the final decision to be made in weeks, with the decision being made by the BBC in conjunction with the EBU.

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News Source: EBU/BBC

Photo Credit: EBU

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