🇲🇰 North Macedonia will not be participating in the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest

🇲🇰 North Macedonia will not be participating in the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest

After earlier reports on MRT’s budget for 2023, where it was revealed that no funds have been allocated for a Eurovision 2023 participation it has been finally revealed that North Macedonia won’t take part in next year’s contest, following Montenegro who also confirmed their non-participation.

Liverpool officially without North Macedonia

In September, MRT has revealed their budget for the coming year. Fans of the contest realised that there were no money set aside for the contest. After controversies that happened during their participations this year and the unfortunate 11th result in the semi final. In its history of participation, this will be the first time that North Macedonia will not be appearing in the contest.

In their statement, MRT explained that due to increased energy costs, which takes up most of the broadcasters budget and the anticipated increase in the participation cost was the reason.

Macedonian Radio Television informs the public about its decision not to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest next year, which will be held in the United Kingdom. Such a decision is in the best interest of the citizens, taking into account the increased costs due to the energy crisis, which occupy a large part of the budget of the Public Service, as well as the increased registration fee for the participation in “Eurovision 2023”, which until last year was €39,143. , and the next year is expected to be higher. This decision will enable the saving of funds that should be set aside for the Macedonian delegation’s stay in Liverpool, where the Eurovision 2023 is being held.

However, fear not as MRT has confirmed that despite their non-participation in Liverpool, they have confirmed that they will be airing the shows in 2023, and hopes to return to the competition in 2024.

MRT will broadcast the event, the two semi-final evenings and the grand final on its services. MRT hopes that the situation will stabilize, after which the country will return again with participation in Eurovision in 2024.

North Macedonia’s Eurovision Journey

The upcoming year will see North Macedonia’s 21st participation at Eurovision. The ex-Yugoslav nation made its formal debut in the Contest in 1998 with Vlado Janevski’s “Ne zori, zoro”. Performing last, North Macedonia finished 19th out of 25.

Following Kaliopi’s participation in 2012 with “Crno i Belo”, North Macedonia began a 6-year non-qualification streak. Tamara Todevska’s participation in 2019 broke the streak with her song, “Proud” – which finished in 7th place, winning the jury vote.

In 2022, Andrea represented North Macedonia, singing her song “Circles”. Andrea performed in the second semi-final, finishing in 11th place out of 16. In total, Andrea received 76 points.

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News Source: MRT

Photo Credit: EBU/Andres Putting

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