🇲🇹 PBS announces more details about the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2023

🇲🇹 PBS announces more details about the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2023

Earlier this year it was announced that the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2023 had been expanded, and the format would now include quarter-finals. This month the competing artists for MESC 2023 were announced by the Public Broadcasting Services (PBS).

What we know about the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2023!

Earlier this month a meeting was held by the PBS chairman Mark Sammut. He announced that the quarter-finals for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2023 would take place every Friday evening between January 13th and February 3rd. Of the 40 artists, 24 will progress to the semi-final of MESC 2023, which will take place on Thursday, February 9th 2023. The final on Saturday 11th February will have 16 artists compete. All shows will be broadcasted live on TVM.

The songs progressing at each stage will be selected by a combination of jury and public voting. The quarter-finals will be opened by Hailey, with her song “TikTok”, and will be closed by Maria Cristina, and her song “Our Flame”.

Mark Sammut commented to PBS about the changes and said the following:

“ These changes are being made to give Maltese singers a broader opportunity to expose their talent at this festival that year after year it continues to attract so many Maltese audiences. Looking forward to the show, excitement and discussion of Malta Eurovision. A unique festival in our country that connects large audiences in the face of television in every evening and even beyond social media and other platforms.”

Mark Sammut on MESC 2023 changes

Who is taking part in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2023?

All forty artists and their respective song titles were revealed in an Instagram post by PBS. You can find the forty artists and titles below:

Malta’s Eurovision History

Malta made its Eurovision debut in 1971, with Joe Grech performing “Marija I-Maltija” (Maria the Maltese Lass), finishing 18th with 52 points. Malta did not participate in Eurovision from 1975 until 1991. That year they returned with the song “Could It Be” by Paul Giordimaina and Georgina, finishing 12th with 32 points.

Since then, Malta has been at every Eurovision and finished in the top 10 an impressive 12 times. Their best result so far is second place, which they’ve achieved twice. The first time was in 2002, when Ira Losco sang “7th Wonder,” and the second time in 2005 with Chiara’s “Angel.” Malta’s most recent Eurovision entry was Emma Muscat, who scored 47 points in the semi-final, earning 16th place and therefore, not qualifying for the final with the song “I Am What I Am”.

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News Source: PBS

Photo Credit: EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett

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