🎶 Eurovision music round-up: November 2022

🎶 Eurovision music round-up: November 2022

The Winners

Kalush Orchestra & Szpaku – “Nasze Domy”

2022 winners Kalush Orchestra have followed up last month’s collab with The Rasmus with another collaborative effort. This time they teamed up with Polish rapper Szpaku for new track “Nasze Domy” (Our Houses). On YouTube, Kalush Orchestra say about the song that “[e]very nation has its history. Polish and Ukrainian nations have experienced similar times of struggle. Therefore, this song is based on true feelings. We know what it is like to fight for our piece of land because we are not guests on this planet”. Kalush Orchestra have been busy, wrapping up their tour through North America and performing at the MTV EMAs.

Майкола Вайнер feat. KALUSH – Patton

Speaking of Kalush Orchestra, KALUSH (who technically are the original group, with Kalush Orchestra being a side-project) have also released a new track. The three members of KALUSH have released new track Patton together with Ukrainian rapper Mykola Vynar. While a new release, the track itself is actually not all that new: the song was written several years ago and the music video was filmed during the summer. On YouTube, Mykola write that he hopes that the track finds a place in everyone’s heart, and that the song has helped him “in periods of joy and sadness”.

Teresinha Landeiro feat. Salvador Sobral – “A Lei da Recompensa”

Salvador Sobral, who won in 2017 for Portugal, appears in the round up again, previously being mentioned here for his September EP “SAL” (no relation to band and 2023 FdC competitors SAL, despite what people on Twitter may have speculated!). “A Lei da Recompensa” (The Law of Reward) is the latest song by Fado singer Teresinha Landeiro and features Salvador Sobral on the latter half of the track. The song is a calm and slow affair, but not quite as stripped back as his recent EP. The lyrics are by Teresinha Landeiro, while the composition is by PEdro Castro, a prolific musician, songwriter, and performer who has previously worked with Portuguese acts such as Dulce Pontes (Eurovision 1991).

Salvador Sobral & Taller de Músic Ensemble – “Oli i Aigua”

Barcelona-based music school Taller de Músic has gotten alumnus Salvador Sobral to team up with their Ensemble for “Oli i Aigua” (Oil and Water). It is a beautiful 9 minute suite that seamlessly travels between genres and moods. Always returning on the track are, however, two things: Salvador Sobral’s distinctive voice and the dialogue between the concepts of knowledge and intuition. “Oli i Aigua” was composed by everyone performing on the track, with Sobral’s long standing producer Leo Aldrey taking on production once again.

Duncan Laurence – “I Want it All”

Duncan Laurence continues developing his sound on new single “I Want It All”. Sonically, the indie-pop-rock offering by the 2019 winner feels like a further development following August release “Electric Life”. The team behind this love track is the same as “Electric Life,” minus Paul Shelton and witn producer Paul Phamous becoming part of the songwriting team.

Måns Zelmerlöw – “Sober (Mer för varandra)” and “Hatar Dig”

Måns is keeping himself busy! Not only has he released Christmas music (more about that below), but he also released new track “Sober (Mer för varandra)” (Sober [More for eachother]). Well, new song… It actually is a cover of the Norlie & KKV track of the same name the singer has done for Swedish TV show “Så mycket bättre”. “Så mycket bättre” is the Swedish version of popular Dutch format “De Beste Zangers,” in which well-known singers cover each others songs. Following “Sober” he also covered Daniela Rathana’s “Hatar dig” for the show.

Måns Zelmerlöw & Carola – “Let’s Sing (It’s Christmas Time)”

Double winner alert! Swedish victors Måns Zelmerlöw (2015) and Carola (win in 1991, also competed in ’83 and ’06) have released a Christmas song together. You can read more about “Let’s Sing (It’s Christmas Time)” here:

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