🎶 Eurovision music round-up: November 2022

🎶 Eurovision music round-up: November 2022

ESC250 voting is open, Christmas music is coming out, and announcements for Eurovision are coming in thick and fast. That can mean only one thing: November! In this edition of the periodic article I always spend too much time on: Swedes celebrating Christmas, big collabs, and some announced albums finally releasing.

The 2022 entries

Circus Mircus – “Realizo” and “Lizard In A Fish Tank”

I am embarrassed to admit that I did not mention my Georgian faves last month, even though they released two songs late in October! “Realizo” combines electronic verses with a rougher, rocky chorus. The song is accompanied by an excellent music video in which the band members are in a bookcase. For many Eurovision fans, this video also marks the point where Circus Mircus abandon their previous anonymity, revealing the mysterious people behind Georgia’s Eurovision entry “Lock Me In”. Between their identities always having been clear and their manifesto calling on everyone to honour anonymity and ignore identities however, I think it is only right if I do not name any names. Featured on “Realizo” are Blolbrst and Georgian music producer Tato Rusia.

Circus Mircus also released the 00s Britpop-esque “Lizard In A Fish Tank”, the video of which involves magic tricks and rocking chair related silliness. The track features fellow Georgian artist Qaji Todia. Both “Realizo” and “Lizard In A Fish Tank” will join September release “Soul Pop” on Circus Mircus’ upcoming debut album.

Stress feat. Marius Bear – “Again”

2022 Eurovision Finalist Marius Bear has teamed up with Swiss rapper Stress for new track “Again”. Musically, the track fits right in with the more powerful songs of Marius’ discography. The Swiss singer lends his distinctive voice to the track, which features English and French lyrics about a rough patch in a relationship. The song is written and composed by Stress and prolific Swiss composer-producer Georg Schlunegger (writer of Switzerland’s 2013 ESC entry).

Systur – “Goodbye”

Icelandic sisters Systur have released “Goodbye,” the follow-up single to “Dusty Road“. The key and most exciting detail for me (and probably no one else) is that the song was recorded by my favourite Icelandic artists, Ásgeir, who also plays the synth on the track. Systur member Sigga took on composing and lyric-writing duties for “Goodbye”. The track is an atmospheric, melancholic piece. “It breaks my heart to let you go / But I must carry on the show” indeed.

Mia Dimšić – “Sunce Moje”

Croatia’s Mia Dimšić has released new track “Sunce Moje” (My Sun). The guitar-driven love song has Mia singing about how her lover makes her happier than she ever could have imagined. Mia co-wrote the song with Damir Bačić and Vjekoslav Dimter, who she also worked with on Eurovision entry “Guilty Pleasure” and other tracks.

LUM!X, Tarik Asadi – “The Night Is Young (feat. Will Matta)”

After four straight months of releasing songs, LUM!X took a break last month. But now the DJ is back with new track “The Night Is Young”. It’s another party track by the Austrian. For “The Night Is Young” he teamed up with DJ Tarik Asadi and singer songwriter Will Matta, who has previously worked with music acts such as Alle Farben.

STEFAN – “Kiri külmkapi peal” and “Never Let Go”

Estonia’s STEFAN is back with a new track, continuing with the sound we heard on his first post-Eurovision release “Miraaž”. “Kiri külmkapi peal” (“Letter on the fridge) is about a relationship that might be falling apart, but could still be saved: “I can see in your eyes, it’s cold as ice / Do you have someone else? […] Feelings are flying / Ashes have become sparks again”. The song sees STEFAN work again with Eurovision songwriting veteran and frequent-STEFAN collaborator Sven Lõhmus.

“Never Let Go” is the same song but in English. Released simultaneously with “Kiri külmkapi peal,” this transated version is the track STEFAN performed during Albania’s Kënga Magjike.

Achille Lauro – “Che sarà”

We had to wait for a while, but the artist with the wildest staging of 2022 has released his first song post-Eurovision. “Che sarà” (What will be) by San Marino’s representative Achille Lauro is a slowly building ballad about loneliness, things we once had and, as the singer says in a press release: “awareness of what the past and the future have already written for us”. Besides Achille, the song is powered by a star-studded writing and production team including part of the team behind “STRIPPER” and names such as Enrico Brun (co-producer on Måneskin track “The Loneliest”).

wrs x David Golcher – “Bamboléo”

Romania’s wrs has released new track Bamboléo. It’s a cover of the well known 1987 track by Gitano-French band Gipsy Kings.

Ronnie Romero with Chris Caffery – “The Shining”

Ronnie Romero, the singer of Bulgaria’s 2022 entry Intelligent Music Project, will be releasing a cover album next year. The first pre-release single is his cover of Black Sabbath’s “The Shining,” which he has made with Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Chris Caffery.

Subwoolfer – “Having Grandma Here For Christmas”

After bananas stopped Norway’s extraterrestrial wolves from eating Grandma at Eurovision, they’ve invited her over for Christmas. You can read more about Subwoolfer’s Christmas single “Having Grandma Here For Christmas” here:

Alvan – “Calzone”

Alvan, who was part of the French entry this year, also competed in Kënga Magjike. He performed his new song “Calzone,” which has now also been released as a single. You can read more about “Calzone” by Alvan here:

Sam Ryder – “All The Way Over”

UK representative and Eurovision 2022 runner-up Sam Ryder has released another track ahead of his upcoming debut album. New single “All The Way Over” follows August’s “Somebody” and his collab from September, “Living Without You,” and you can read more about it here:

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